Alright, with summer here, we need to get down to business and start talking about the serious stuff. You know, like where the best milkshakes in Vancouver are. We’ve already done a guide to the best ice cream, but that doesn’t track 100%, and we wouldn’t dare let you down.

Here are the spots with the best milkshakes in Vancouver.

The Templeton

the templeton

Dubbed as the ‘World’s Best $6 Milkshake’, this decades-old diner has been serving up the good stuff since time began. Choose from classic flavours like chocolate and strawberry, or try twists like chocolate orange and key lime. Need a pick me up? You can make it boozy.

Where: 1087 Granville Street

Lucy’s Diner


A 24-hour joint on Main Street that is known for their boozy shakes. However, the regular ones are just as good, if a little less fun. Not super hungry? You can get a junior version and save some money/space in your stomach.

Where: 2708 Main Street

Rain or Shine

rain or shine

A delicious (and very popular) ice cream place that also does incredible milkshakes. You can get one of their flavours, or you can build your own. Our suggestion? Cracked mint and vanilla with some sort of fruit topping.

Where: Multiple Locations

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Save On Meats

save on meats

A staple spot in the DTES that has kept its authenticity even as the neighbourhood changes around it. These guys have all sorts of out-there flavours, using ingredients like bacon, apple pie and sometimes brownies. Helpful hint- if you ask, they’ll put just about anything available in the restaurant into milkshake form for you.

Where: 43 W Hastings Street

Glenburn Soda Fountain and Confectionary


This one is technically in Burnaby, but it’s so gosh darn tasty that we just had to include it on this list. These guys do milkshakes, malts and ‘egg creams’, which are actually just mixtures of milk, seltzer and flavoured syrup. Neat!

Where: 4090 Hastings Street

The Cannibal Café

cannibal cafe

Like Save On Meats, the Cannibal Cafe specializes in interesting boozy shakes for their adult customers. Of course, the regular ones are tasty as well, and if you get a burger and a side on Monday’s your shake is free!

Where: 1818 Commercial Drive

Boy, is that a tempting list, or what?  There are all of our favourite places to get the best milkshakes in Vancouver. Hopefully, we didn’t let you down and can enjoy your next hot afternoon with confidence.