Like it or not, those long summer nights are drawing to a close. But don’t despair, fall is in the air and we’re looking forward to a lot more than just pumpkin spice. Starting with a wardrobe refresh – bring on sweater weather! Summer spending habits begone, we’ve teamed up with Brightside by ATB to share some savvy online shopping hacks that will have you saving $$$ while still rolling into this season in style.

Brightside is building a mobile banking app to help you save for the things you love – like your fav fashion finds! Launching later this year, Brightside will offer a fully digital experience to sign up, open accounts, and start using easy and fun savings features – all designed to work in connection with your current bank. Their goal is to let you YOLO responsibly and we’re totally on board with that.

1. Clear your cache

Been eyeing up a specific piece online and find yourself checking back over and over? Make sure to clear your cache of your browser often to see the most current price and discounts available. Better yet, use a VPN or private browsing to avoid continually clearing your cache if you’re a serial browser.

2. Share the shipping

brightside atb calgary

Most retailers offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount. Instead of loading your cart with extra items, why not pool your order with friends? You’ll get the free shipping without having to spend more just to hit the threshold. Even for sites that don’t offer free shipping, team up with pals for a joint order and split the shipping cost.

3. New to the newsletter

Many online retailers offer a welcome promo code for signing up for their e-newsletter. You can typically see offers for 10-15% off when you subscribe. To keep your inbox clutter-free, create an email address specifically for online shopping or a folder dedicated to promotions.

4. Hold your horses

brightside atb calgary

If you have an account with a retailer and added items to your cart, hold your impulsive horses! Let your cart sit for a few days and you just might receive an email offer from the retailer with a discount code to encourage you to complete your transaction.

5. Get on the gram

Follow your favourite brands on social to keep an eye on their posts and stories and find out about their latest flash sales or new promo codes (it’s like extreme couponing but for Millenials!). Many retailers also pre-promote upcoming sales, stay in the know so you don’t buy right before the price drops.

6. Shop the ‘slow’ days

We know, we know, Sunday is like the perfect day to cozy up indoors and online shop. That’s why it’s typically the busiest online shopping day of the week and therefore has the fewest amount of deals or sales. Feel free to scroll away on a Sunday but hold off on your purchases until the quietest online shopping days – Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday – to save big.

And there you have it, 6 tips to save you $$$ while you shop the season. Brightside wants to take your savings a step further. Join their waitlist at and you’ll be entered to win a $1,000 shopping spree to help fill your cart for fall with Random Acts of Brightside. By being on the list, you’ll also be the first to have access to Brightside when they launch later this year. And don’t forget to follow the excitement on IG @HiBrightsider (they’re full of savvy surprises).