So, you’re itching to get out of the city and enjoy one of the many fall day trips around Vancouver. Hey, we’re right there with you. This city is fantastic, don’t get us wrong, but sometimes it’s nice to go check out what’s happening in the surrounding area.

Here are 6 fall day trips to check out around Vancouver.


fall day trips vancouver whistler

The obvious choice. It’s close, it’s big, there are good restaurants, and the art gallery is actually pretty solid. Whether you’re going for a quick hike nearby or just want to enjoy the drive, Whistler is a no-brainer.

Fort Langley

fall day trips vancouver fort langley

This old-timey community is perfect for those looking for a little bit of a culture trip. Check out a former Hudson’s Bay fur trading outpost, enjoy some antique stores, and have a nice little lunch at one of their great restaurants. If you’re feeling extra energetic you could drive a little further and check out the Greater Vancouver Zoo, too.

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Bellingham, Washington

fall day trips bellingham

Let’s be honest, half the reason people go to Bellingham is so they can stock up at Trader Joe’s. But even still there are vintage stores to check out, a couple of nice record shops, and solid restaurants to enjoy. We like the Penny Lane Antique Mall and the Old Town Cafe, but do some exploring on your own!

Harrison Hot Springs

harrison hot springs

Enjoy all the rejuvenating power of hot springs without worrying about the driving conditions getting there. While you’re out there, maybe see if you can check out Bridal Veil Falls too. Waterfalls and hot springs in one day? Now that’s neature.

Bowen Island

bowen island

If there was a new hippie community in BC, it would be located on Bowen Island. Only a quick ferry ride away from West Van, this area has got shopping, some great walks, and good vibes all around. Perfect for those looking to quickly recharge their batteries one weekend.



We’re cheating here because this is more an overnight trip (at least), but needs to be on here. Sure, Ucluelet will be rainy, but everything is cheaper during the fall and winter months so you’ll save a pretty penny while you’re checking out some of BC’s best scenery.

And there you have it, folks! All of the best fall day trips around Vancouver (at least in our opinion). Who says fall is for sitting around inside all day? Get out there and enjoy our great province.