Seattle is absolutely packed with beautiful natural features. We seriously have it all! Urban landscape, mountains, water, greenery, sometimes we feel a tad inadequate compared to all that beautiful. We’ll deal with it, though. What better way to soak in the Seattle views than in a restaurant? Food makes everything that much better, people.

Here are 5 restaurants in Seattle with the most incredible views.



Unarguably the most classic of all Seattle restaurants, Canlis has been serving Seattlites since 1950. It also happens to have a beautiful view of Lake Union. And beyond that, it’s internationally known as an excellent spot for elevated dining. Don your fancy clothes and take it all in!

Where: 2576 Aurora Ave N

Ivar’s Salmon House & Barge

restaurants in Seattle with a view

Ivar’s also happens to be a Seattle classic, and has been well-loved by people from all walks of life. You can always expect the best fish and chips, that’s for sure. Plus the restaurant is a cedar replica of a Northwest Native American longhouse and is probably one of the most unique restaurant interiors in Seattle. If you’re dining in the spring and summer, you can pull your boat up to their floating barge seating area. S’fancy!

Where: 401 NE Northlake Way

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Athenian Seafood Restaurant

restaurants in Seattle with the best views

The Athenian is a Pike Place Market mainstay with two levels of views of the beautiful Puget Sound. You can expect a mix of American comfort food and seafood. However, our favorite meal to dive into here is a simple breakfast before the market opens. If you do go later and the Athenian is packed, head over to Lowell’s next door for equally as good food and views.

Where: 1517 Pike Pl

Goldfinch Tavern

restaurants in Seattle with the best views

This restaurant is tucked away in the Four Seasons Hotel and is part of the well-known Ethan Stowell Restaurant Group. You can expect elevated American food with local ingredients and flavor as well as vegetarian and vegan options. On top of all that, you can also sit at a window booth and gaze over downtown and Elliot Bay. Sounds pretty nice, huh?

Where: 99 Union Street


restaurants in Seattle with the best views

This well-loved restaurant is getting a very exciting makeover by the Sea Creatures group. Westward closed at the beginning of January for renovations and it’s estimated that they’ll reopen in about 12 weeks. We’re sure excited to enjoy the fire pit, oysters and Lake Union views when they reopen!

Where: 2501 N Northlake Way

So, where are we going for dinner? Time to make our date uncomfortable by staring out the window too much. Can’t help it with such beautiful views at these Seattle restaurants!