From kangaroo to pig head, what are you willing to try? We’ve teamed up with our friends over at Smoke N Fusion to put together a list of some wild and delicious dishes served up in Calgary! Don’t knock it till you try it! 

Smoke N Fusion serves up international smoked meats. Their menu is chock-full of the most drool-worthy meats served family style. Vegans, they have something for you too! They are dedicated to building relationships and community through food and work with not for profits like Impact Society, LeftOvers, and the MS Society. Eating for a good cause? We’re here for it!

Hunter Roo at Smoke N’ Fusion 

Pan-seared kangaroo loin deglazed with red wine and topped with mushroom duck demi? If you’re willing to try it, we’re certain you’ll love it.

Where: #500, 12100 Macleod Trail

Squab at Grand Central

Squab has long been served at fancy Chinese restos as part of celebratory banquets, which means these are a special order. They’re braised and roasted with crispy skin and tender meat and served with a dipping salt.

Where: 295 1623 Centre St N

Oxtail at Joycee’s Caribbean Food

This little gem serves up some of the best oxtail in town. It’s slow-cooked and served with rice and peas (beans), and veggies. Don’t skip on their homemade hot sauce for a kick!

Where: 630 1 Ave NE

Pig Head Mortadella at Charcut 

The Mortadella at Charcut is made with ground pork that incorporates small cubes of fat from the pig’s head/neck. Grab it served on the charcuterie board along with other cured meats!

Where: 101 899 Centre St S

Beef Tripe Dim Sum at T.Pot Bistro 

Steamed in chopped garlic and ginger, it’s a staple for traditional dim sum. If you don’t know what tripe is, don’t Google it. Just let the taste be the deciding factor.

Where: 9650 Harvest Hills Blvd N

Ostrich Burger at The Burger Inn

Ostrich is a red meat – yep, we were surprised too. It’s very much like beef, which makes for a killer burger. All the burgers are made to order with optional add-ons.  Don’t forget to add a side of curly fries!

Where: 1711 4 St SW

Feeling adventurous and hungry? Perfect. Let us know if there are any other noteworthy unique meat dishes that you love!