Now that summer is here, one of our favourite activities has been road tripping to the nearest lake for a swim. But did you know there are a ton of beautiful lakes all across the country? Of course, you did. From B.C. to Alberta to Quebec and beyond, there’s no shortage of stunning bodies of water. So even though we can’t exactly travel to all of them right now, we figured we’d give you a little virtual tour.

Here are 15 beautiful lakes across Canada you should put at the top of your must-visit list.


beautiful lakes

This beautiful lake is known for its turquoise water and mountain backdrop. It seriously looks like a post card here! Plus, it runs along a scenic trail that is the perfect location for an afternoon hike.

Where: Whistler, British Columbia


beautiful lakes

This B.C. lake is unlike any other you’ll find in the country. A special combination of minerals in the area produce a spotted pattern in the water thats pretty unreal. It’s unlike any other lake you’ll see in Canada,  which is why it gras a spot as one of the more unique lakes on our list.

Where: Similkameen Valley, British Columbia


emerald lake beautiful lakes in canada

With a name like Emerald Lake, it’s no surprise this place is spectacular. With the mountains of Yoho National Park in the background and water so clear you can see your reflection in it, this spot is a definite must-see. Oh, it also has the spectacular Emerald Lake Lodge that you can stay at in case you’re feeling extra fancy.

Where: Yoho National Park, British Columbia



Another B.C. location! What can we say? The province has some gorgeous lakes. Anyway, this beautiful spot is perfect for a boat ride during sunset. The backdrop of mountains is a sight for sore eyes. And the clear water is super serene. Trust us, you’re gonna wanna check this one out.

Where: Kootenays, British Columbia


lake louise

This beautiful lake is part of Banff National Park. And given that the spot is known for its incredible views of nature, it’s no surprise this lake makes our list. You can look over stunningly clear water and breathe in super crisp air at this unbelievable spot.

Where: Banff National Park, Alberta



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Another absolute stunner in Alberta is Peyto Lake, sitting again in Banff National Park. Its colour resembles that of the other glacier-fed lakes on this list, but its narrow body makes it seem almost like a setting from Avatar. Definitely something to put on the must-see list. One note to keep in mind, the viewpoint for Peyto Lake is closed this summer for renovations, so keep this on your bucket list for the future.

Where: Banff National Park, Alberta



This lake is extra cool because it’s in two provinces at once. Straddling the Saskatchewan- Alberta border, Lake Athabasca provides super picturesque views. It’s 26% in Alberta and 74% in Saskatchewan. And it’s a go-to fishing spot for locals.

Where: Division No. 18, Saskatchewan / Wood Buffalo, Alberta

Moraine Lake

moraine lake

Guess what? Yup, there is yet another ridiculously beautiful lake situated in Banff National Park. No wonder it’s one of the country’s finest tourist destinations. Moraine Lake is famous for its views, and its stunning turquoise colour changes throughout the summer as the glaciers continue to melt. Ah, this one is something special.

Where: Banff National Park, Alberta



This incredible lake is home to a super crazy phenomenon. There’s trapped methane under the frozen surface, which cause super cool looking bubbles to form. These create the wild pattern you can see of suspended bubbles on the frozen lake. This pretty lake is seriously one-of-a-kind.

Where: North Saskatchewan River, Alberta



Some might say you get superior views at this amazing place. Sorry, we had to. Anyway, Lake Superior is known for its fabulous swimming and cliff diving spots. It’s the largest of the Great Lakes of North America. And it sits on the border of Ontario, Michigan, and Minnesota.

Where: Thunder Bay, Ontario



This Muskoka location is a popular destination for cottage goers and campers alike. The beautiful lake is home to a ton of little islands where folks have built their summer homes. It’s the perfect water for swimming, water-skiing, tubing, and more. And if you were a kid with a cottage from Ontario, chances are you’ve spent some time wading through this pretty lake.

Where: Muskoka, Ontario



This beautiful lake is only twenty minutes from downtown Ottawa but definitely feels like an outdoor escape. You can experience blue skies and even bluer water at this gorgeous spot.

Where: Gatineau Park, Quebec


Contrary to its name, Pink Lake is actually known for its emerald green water in the summer months. It’s also meromictic, meaning there are two layers of water within Pink Lake that will never mix due to a lack of oxygen in the ‘bowl.’ Its honestly just as interesting as it is beautiful.

Where: Gatineau, Quebec


Kluane National Park is actually home to Canada’s largest mountain and Canada’s largest icefield. Connecting them both is Kluane Lake, a beautiful blue oasis, that honestly seems to go on forever in several directions.

Where: Destruction Bay, Yukon


Hidden along the coast of Cape Breton Island, this serene little lake is best viewed from one of the several hiking trails that surround it. However, the spot is more than just a good workout and a photo-op. To the locals, it’s a warm, private swimming hole practically made for the ultimate relaxing day trip.

Where: Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

So there you have it! There are so many beautiful lakes in the country, you’ll never get bored of them.