The amount of hours we spend scrolling through y’alls photography pages: too many. What can we say? We love a good shot of life in the city! Here are 15 amazing Toronto photographers capturing our city and beyond. Go forth and creep, friends!



One of our go-to Toronto photographers, follow this guy for anything related to sports, concerts, and events. He’s covering every Raps game, Leafs goal, and Drake in the wild sighting!


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Kael travels all over, but when she’s home in Toronto she’s taking incredible shots of the city with perfect colours and lighting. Cruise through, your eyes will thank you!



Eman is the man for aerial city views, architectural photography, and that soothing muted-yet-punchy colour palette our eyeballs love so much.



So the most recent of his feed is a little influencer-y. We can’t blame the dude. However, scroll through and you’ll find gorgeous skyline shots and nature panos that prove this guy has an eye for everything.


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Gil Tamin is capturing “life as see it,” which could seem somewhat basic but his photos are anything but. He’s grabbing sunset-vibe lighting and stuning city vistas.


humber bay photographers

The master of the sunrise/sunset shot is a Toronto local, so go admire all the pretty colours on his feed. It’s the easiest way to enjoy the views without waking up at 6 AM!



This guy’s got a knack for using the landscape to his advantage. Check out the CN tower framed by cherry blossoms, gorgeous fall trees, and icy streets.



The vibe here is what Toronto would look like if it swallowed a glow stick. Most of Tyler’s shots are taken at night, to let the natural lights and colours of the city pop against dark backgrounds.



This cityscape photographer captures gorgeous spots around the world, but being based in Toronto, she’s giving the city major love. Scroll her feed to feel like you’re home, and then on vacation, and then home again.



Gary’s got a knack for making every city he’s in look like gold. Moody, dark gold. Gold nonetheless. Check him out for gorgeous snippets of life in the city!



These shots are positively dreamy. Creep him for pics in cities around the world, but mostly wicked shots of our own beloved Toronto. It’s like a smoke machine follows him everywhere and just makes everything look cooler.



Check this guy out for city views, travel shots, and some heartwarming pics of the people of Toronto. He also says you can DM him for friendly chats, so maybe go make a pal?



Norm’s got Normy vision, which is like 20/20 eyeballs but for cool shots of the city. Follow for vibrant colours that make the everyday streets of Toronto look even cooler than they already are!


toronto photographers

If you like some neutral-toned city shots along with some selfies of a cute guy, take a gander here. The vibe of his shots are completely cohesive, and the sharp line on his beard is admirable. What can we say?


ryan bolton

Nothing some bright colours can’t fix, right? Head over to this feed for a feel-good palette and coverage of the coolest goings on in the city.

So that does it! 15 Toronto photographers you just have to follow. These talented folks deserve your likes too, so don’t be shy!