The time has come for us to do a guide on where to go to get the best sandwiches in Vancouver. Why? Because if we had to choose one food to eat for the rest of our lives, it would be the sandwich. Now, we’re not going to sit here and muse over what constitutes a sandwich, because that question is for academics. Open face, grilled, different breads, whatever. If it’s on or between something glutinous, it’s a sandwich. That’s our stance, at least.

Here is our ultimate guide to the best sandwiches in Vancouver.



Simplicity might be the key to the baguettes here, but the resulting flavours leave little to be desired. Whether you’re grabbing a classic egg salad or going for their famous proscuitto and pear option, you’ll walk away wanting more. Plus, the Tea House is just so dang cute!

Hours: Monday to Friday, 9AM-5PM and Saturday, 11AM-4PM, Closed Sunday
Where: 353 W Pender Street

DownLow Chicken Shack

downlow chicken

A huge and incredibly tasty Nashville-style hot fried chicken sandwich. Seriously, this thing is well worth the $12.50 you pay for it, and could easily pass as a full dinner. Choose from a variety of spice levels, from mild (our pick) to side of milk (spice lord).

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11AM-9PM and Sunday, 11AM-4PM, Closed Monday
Where: 905 Commercial Drive

La Grotta Del Formaggio

grotta del formaggio

An iconic deli on Commercial that has some incredible sandwiches. Their ingredients are always top-notch, since they act as their own importer for cheeses and meats straight from the source. Now that’s what we call efficiency.

Hours: Monday to Thursday/Saturday, 9AM-6PM, Friday, 9AM-7PM and Sunday, 10AM-6PM
Where: 1791 Commercial Drive

Say Hey Cafe

say hey cafe

A relative newcomer on the scene that has quickly become one of our favourites. The roast beast is absolutely delicious, but their daily specials can be just as good. For a relatively barebones sandwich shop, they know exactly what they’re doing– and have definitely earned a shoutout on the best sandwiches in Vancouver list.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11AM-4PM, Closed Sunday
Where: 156 E Pender Street

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The Tuck Shoppe

tuck shoppe

We have a feeling that the new location on Granville Island is going to help with their popularity, but the original location on Union Street is our go-to. A pork belly cubano? You don’t have to ask us twice for that. The added homemade pickle is the proverbial cherry on top. The pickle on the sandwich? Nah, doesn’t sound as good, but it does taste better.

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 11:30AM-8PM, Friday, 11:30AM-10PM and Saturday/Sunday, 12PM-5PM
Where: 237 Union Street

Meat & Bread

meat and bread

A very popular sandwich spot, to be sure. We have to hand it to them though, their porchetta with salsa verde and crackling is still near and dear to our hearts. We don’t find ourselves at Meat & Bread too often (sorry), but when we are, we’re reminded why they’re so successful.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11AM-5PM and Sunday, 11AM-4PM
Where: 370 Cambie Street

Juke Fried Chicken

juke fried chicken

Like Meat and Bread, this spot has become super popular in Vancouver for good reason. And lucky for us, the quality of their chicken sandwiches is the same as when they first opened. Super crispy skin, super tender flesh, and an amazing coleslaw to tie it all together.

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 11AM-10:30PM, Friday/Saturday, 11AM-11:30PM and Sunday, 11AM-10PM
Where: 182 Keefer Street

Siegel’s Bagels


The perfect late-night snack, since they’re open 24/7. Sure, you can go for the classic Montreal smoked meat, but the added flavour from the sauerkraut on the Reuben is that much better. Trust us, once you get a taste for this you’ll be back like clockwork.

Hours: Whenever!
Where: 1883 Cornwall Avenue

Sal y Limon

vancouver's best sandwiches sal y limon

If you’ve yet to experience the unbridled power of a torta, then you are missing out. Think of it as the best burrito you can eat, but between two pieces of bread instead of inside a tortilla. Is it crazy? Yes. Is it one of the best things about Mexican cuisine? Also yes.

Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 11:30AM-9PM, Friday, 11:30AM-10PM and Saturday, 11AM-10PM
Where: 701 Kingsway

Ba-Le Deli and Bakery

ba le sandwich

Literally next door to Sal y Limon, Ba-Le is our top pick for banh-mi in Vancouver. They’ve got Vietnamese subs down to a science, and we are happily their test subjects. Just kidding, there’s no guesswork involved here, just sandwich perfection.

Hours: Daily, 9AM-6PM
Where: 701 Kingsway


vancouver's best sandwiches

Kind of a dark horse pick, but the pork katsu sandwich they offer during happy hour is one of the best in the city. It’s milk bread, a delicious fried pork cutlet, and kewpie mayo. Three ingredients that represent the trifecta in Japanese sandwich construction.

Hours: Daily, 5PM-6PM
Where: 350 Carrall Street

Batard Bakery


While all of the sandwiches here are delicious, we picked Batard because of the open-faced ‘Croque Batard’, which is their take on a classic croque monsieur. Delicious ham, aged cheddar and a fresh egg on top of some of the best bread in the city. Great for hangover days, seriously.

When: Daily, 7:30AM-6PM
Where: 3958 Fraser Street

Nat’s New York Pizzeria

nats pizza

The cold chicken deluxe here is arguably the sandwich that got us through university. It is as massive as it is delicious, and is, in our opinion, just as good as their pizza. Now, we love Nat’s pizza, so that is really saying something. Ask for extra condiments, too- that added kick of mustard is tremendous. We couldn’t find a picture online, but just trust us here, ok? They have earned their spot amongst the best sandwiches in Vancouver.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11AM-10PM and Sunday, 12PM-9PM
Where: 2684 W Broadway

Wow, all of our picks for the best sandwiches in Vancouver are now out in the open. The deed is done! Make sure you add these to your bucket list sandwich spots to visit, because you won’t regret any of them. You have our word on that.