We at Curiocity have got a pretty long list of restaurants that we like, and wouldn’t you know, most of them have happy hour deals! That said, we’d be foolish to think that we’ve got it all figured out, but this is a solid start.

Here are 12 of our favourite places to go for happy hour.

Joe Forte’s

joe fortes

While they don’t have the best drink deals in the city, Joe Forte’s does have a very competitive food menu. Who would have thought that at one of Vancouver’s most prestigious restaurants you could get oysters for $1.25? Not us, that’s for sure.

When: Daily, 4-6PM, you need to sit at the bar though
Where: 777 Thurlow Street

Bodega on Main


You can hop down to Bodega every day and find something new and exciting to try. Pair that with an extensive happy hour menu for food and drink, and you’ve got a winning combo. We suggest getting some vermouth, or maybe a $4 highball.

When: Daily, 3PM-6PM, and Sunday to Thursday, 10PM-Close
Where: 1014 Main Street

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A sister restaurant of Hawskworth, Nightingale has made a name for itself in Vancouver’s food scene in just a few short years. Their happy hour brings the noise too, no drinks (beer or cocktail) are over $10, and you can get a Margherita pizza for $12.

When: Sunday to Wednesday, 3PM-5: 30 PM
Where: 1017 W Hastings Street

The Parlour


Another heavy hitter for happy hour, The Parlour offers a wide variety of drinks and food daily. With $1/oz wine options and $4 highballs, this is the place to be when you finish work early and want to nibble away on some share plates.

When: Monday to Friday, 3PM-6PM
Where: 1011 Hamilton Street

The Keefer Bar

keefer bar

The Keefer Bar consistently makes our lists because it’s one of the most consistent places to get a drink in Vancouver. Bonus time- this rings true for their happy hour as well. Get 50% of food, dim sum, and desserts which a drink purchase, which, by the way, are practically all on special.

When: Sunday to Friday, 5PM-7PM
Where: 135 Keefer Street

The Cascade Room

cascade room

One of the few places that have daily specials for happy hour, The Cascade Room is a great spot for those who like to switch up their nightly routine, or really like a weekly standby. We suggest going Sunday for $9 old fashion and a $19 Sunday roast.

When: Sunday to Thursday, 4PM-6PM
Where: 2616 Main Street

La Mezcaleria


We don’t know about you, but some days we get hit with a wave of desire for a michelada and some queso fundido. What better way to deal with it (aside from meditation) than succumbing to it and heading down to La Mezcaleria for a little bit of both.

When: Tuesday to Thursday, 5PM-6PM, and Friday to Sunday, 2PM-5PM
Where: 1622 Commercial Drive and 68 E Cordova Street

Chewies Oyster Bar


Spoiler alert, we like oysters and we like em cheap. You have to take advantage of your surroundings, right? Chewies is one of the best ways to do that, with all BC beers sitting at a cozy $5 and oysters starting at $1.50.

When: Varies per location, check it out here
Where: 2201 West 1st Avenue and 1055 West Hastings Street



Although these guys also do queso fundido, what really gets us excited are their nachos and their margaritas (both are some of the best in the city). Pair those two with a hot day, and you’ve got yourself a match made in heaven.

When: Daily, 3PM-6PM
Where: 15 W Cordova Street



Pourhouse has got $8 Spritz and $5 drafts every day, but it’s the food deals that really draw us in. All small plates and burgers are 50% off, meaning that this is the best spot to either get the night started or wind it down. We really love the scotch egg, it’s the perfect decadent treat.

When: Daily, 5PM-6PM and 11PM-close
Where: 162 Water Street



In a similar vein as Pourhouse, L’Abattoir’s happy hour is really just an excuse to go check out the amazing appetizers. Grab a seat at the bar, get yourself a cheap glass of wine, and tuck into a few different dishes.

When: Daily, 5:30PM-6:30 PM
Where: 217 Carrall Street

Six Acres

six acres

Last but certainly not least is Six Acres. This local haunt is the go-to spot for when we have an afternoon off and just want to sit around in a nice bar. Sleeves are $3.50, wine is $6.50, and to quote their Instagram, the food is ‘hella cheap’.

When: Daily, 2PM-6PM
Where: 203 Carrall Street

That’s all we’ve got for now! If we missed one of your favourites, let us know for our next happy hour guide.