Howdy folks! Since yesterday was National Ice Cream day and it’s really getting into summer, we thought we should revisit our guide to ice cream in Vancouver. Honestly, not much has changed in the city between last year and this one. From what we could tell, you now have the option to get most of these places delivered right to your door. Also, there seems to be some kind of pact about staying closed on Tuesday.

Anyday, here are the 11 best places to get ice cream in Vancouver.

Rain or Shine

rain or shine

Definitely one of the most popular places to get ice cream in the city. Seriously, the lines at their location in Kits are downright nutty. But, they make a mean pint, have ice cream taco Tuesdays, and their milkshakes are incredible. Our pick? Cracked mint, vanilla, and whatever berry drizzle they have going.

Hours: Vary per location
Where: Locations in Kits, Mt. Pleasant and UBC

Earnest Ice Cream

earnest ice cream

Another extremely busy spot. Their ice cream is a little smoother than the offerings from rain or shine and approaches a gelato-like consistency. Still ice cream though, and always worth the wait. Our pick? London fog and cookies and cream.

Hours: Daily, 2 PM-9 PM
Where: Locations in North Van, East Van, Mt. Pleasant and Olympic Village

Bella Gelateria

bella gelateria

This is a major tourist spot that does elevated gelato. But guess what? There aren’t going to be nearly as many tourists this summer. Great place to try some new flavours, and worth seeing what all the fuss is about. They’ve been named Vancouver’s best ice cream many times over, after all. Our pick? Espresso with chocolate bark.

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 11 AM-10 PM, Friday, 11 AM-11 PM, Saturday, 10:30 AM-11 PM and Sunday, 10:30 AM-10 PM
Where: 1001 W Cordova Street

Soft Peaks

soft peaks

An organic spot that technically serves ice milk instead of ice cream. It’s less sweet but don’t worry, they make up for it with their incredible toppings. Think of it as the best and weirdest bowl of cereal you’ve ever had. Our pick? The North Pole Breakfast (cornflakes) with berry syrup.

Hours: Thursday to Sunday, 3 PM-9 PM
Where: 25 Alexander Street

La Casa Gelato

la casa gelato

An absolute institution in Vancouver. Partly because of the very photogenic pink walls and partly because they have the most ice cream flavours in the world (we’re talking 200+). Our pick? Tiramisu or hedgehog, we’re not thrill-seekers.

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 2 PM-11 PM and Friday to Sunday, 1:30 PM-11 PM
Where: 1033 Venables Street



A dairy-free gelato joint in Chinatown that has over 35 different flavours. It’s a good choice for those that want more than like 2-3 options when grabbing dairy-free frozen treats. Our pick? Panda, which gets the dark spots from both chocolate and activated charcoal. Tell us that’s not a great fit for Vancouver.

Hours: Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday, 1 PM-7 PM and Friday/Saturday, 1 PM-8 PM
Where: 235 E Pender Street

La Glace

la glace

French-style ice cream that uses a creme Anglaise base, which is a thick custard composed of egg yolks and heavy cream. It’s decadent and smooth; a veritable labour of love and a sleeper hit for ice cream in Vancouver. Our pick? The classic creme Anglaise, there’s no need to add stuff to that.

Hours: Monday to Wednesday, 1 PM-9 PM, Thursday/Friday, 1 PM-10 PM, Saturday, 12 PM-10 PM and Sunday, 12 PM-9 PM
Where: 2785 W 16th Avenue


mister ice cream

While the use of nitrogen may come across as gimmicky, it apparently creates smaller ice crystals and a denser final product. And come on, a cup made to order? It’s the perfect date choice. Our pick? Any ice cream sandwich, brulee’d if possible.

Hours: Daily, 3 PM-10 PM
Where: 1141 Mainland Street

Elephant Garden Creamery

elephant garden

The most recent addition to the Vancouver scene, but they’ve already solidified a spot in our hearts. We love them for their ability to step outside the box and look forward to following their growth. Our pick? HK milk tea, which might be our favourite on this entire list.

Hours: Sunday/Monday/Wednesday/Thursday, 1 PM-9 PM, Friday/Saturday, 1 PM-10 PM, Closed Tuesday
Where: 2080 Commercial Drive

Perverted Ice Cream

perverted ice cream

These guys get the nod for having the weirdest concept by far. Why associate ice cream with sexual deviance? Beats us, but at least it’s fun for a laugh now and again. And as an added bonus, you could pick up some Perverted merch, since all profits go to Hogan’s Alley Society. Our pick? Whatever the darkest name is at the time.

Hours: Wednesday to Monday, 1 PM -Close, Closed Tuesday
Where: 797 Thurlow Street

Innocent Ice Cream

innocent ice cream

A spot near Queen Elizabeth Park that does gluten-free ice cream sandwiches. When’s the last time your GF friend was able to enjoy an ice cream sandwich? Never? Yeah, we thought so. Our pick? Strawberry Shortcake, aka vanilla cookies with strawberry ice cream.

Hours: Wednesday to Monday, 2 PM-10 PM, Closed Tuesday
Where: 4895 Main Street

And that’s our guide to the best places to get ice cream in Vancouver this summer! Whatever you’re feeling, from gelato to vegan treats, is just a quick trip away! Heck, it’s a quick delivery away. It’s up to you!