What is a romantic life? We’re not sure. Here at Curiocity, we’re perpetually single. But if you’re NOT like us and actually go out on dates and such, first of all, nice work, teach us your ways. Secondly, this is the list for you. Who said you had to break the bank for a romantic outing with that special someone? Certainly not us. With these amazing free and cheap date ideas around Toronto, you can keep your wallet happy AND your significant other.

Here are 11 awesome free or cheap date ideas in Toronto.


cheap free dates

This spot is the perfect place for a romantic walk. It’s got great views of the city skyline. Plus, loads of green space to explore. A section of the park is even called the “Romantic Garden,” you guys! We recommend timing your date with the sunset so you can really amp up those lovey-dovey vibes.

Where: Ontario Place, 955 Lakeshore Blvd
Cost: Free


cheap free dates

They say getting active releases endorphins, which boost the happy chemicals in the brain. So you’re basically using science to get your date to like you with this next idea. Pick up a bike from Bike Share any Wednesday in September for free, and take a little tour of this city we call home. You can check out all the beautiful views all around Toronto or just explore your favourite neighbourhood.

Where: All over Toronto
Cost: Free on Wednesdays


free cheap dates

Is your ​date a fan of the movies? This is the pick for you. From now until the end of August you can catch classic films and Canadian shorts at the Toronto Outdoor Picture Show. Bring a blanket, sit in the parka and enjoy the show at this cozy and romantic evening.

Where: 100 Garrison Rd
August 21 – August 30


cheap free date
This amazing patio is a two-pack-punch for great dates. First of all, they’ve got an incredible promotion going on right now featuring CNE-inspired menu items like the Sky Ride Sour or the Spent Grains S’mores Funnel Cake. Since the fair was cancelled this year (a classic cheap Toronto date), this is a great alternative. Secondly, they’ll allow pups on the patio while you dine! Everyone knows the way to someone’s heart is through a patio. So this is pretty much the perfect spot.

Where: Liberty Commons, 42 Liberty St
Cost: Sky Ride Sour is $4.25 each, Funnel Cake is $9


free cheap dates

There’s something super romantic about strolling through an indoor conservatory full of blooming plants and flowers. Plus, as the weather gets colder it’ll be extra nice to experience some greenery. So take your date to the gorgeous Allan Gardens! They’ve got loads of benches to sit on and enjoy the surroundings. Plus, a pond full of turtles to brighten your mood.

Where: 160 Gerard St E
Cost: Free


free cheap dates

Take a morning stroll through a gorgeous display of fresh plants and produce. The Evergreen Brickworks hosts their weekly farmer’s market every Saturday from 8 AM to 1 PM. Here you can enjoy the luscious displays of fruits, veggies, and more. Plus, when you’re done you can take a scenic walk through the surrounding grounds.

Where: Evergreen Brickworks, 300-550 Bayview Ave
When: Saturdays from 8 AM – 1 PM
Cost: Free


free cheap dates

If you end up picking up some of that delicious fresh produce at the farmer’s market, take it to a nearby park for a picnic. Toronto’s got some seriously gorgeous green spaces that are perfect for spreading out a blanket, getting comfy, and spending a day snacking in the sun. This is also a great option if you’re going on a socially distanced first date. It’s still romantic, but you can keep your distance and stay safe from the virus.

Where: Check out our favourite parks here.
Cost: Free


free cheap dates

If you’re 25 and under, this is a great FREE date option. Appreciate all the beautiful art (and the stellar architecture) at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The quiet halls and picturesque landscape make it the perfect place to get to know someone. And figure out if you agree in your taste of art. That could be a relationship dealbreaker, right?

Where: 317 Dundas St W
Cost: Free if you’re under 25

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cheap free dates

Okay, this may seem like an odd date idea, but hear us out! There’s no one who doesn’t love an afternoon exploring Ikea. Seriously, no one. We don’t know what they put in the air vents, but there’s something about walking around that place that just soothes the soul. So exploring it with a date could be a chill way to get to know someone! Now, if you’re in a committed relationship, this could also be a tool to really get to know your partner. They say you don’t know someone until you have to build a piece of furniture together. So pick something up and put your relationship to the test. Disclaimer: we are not responsible for any fights that break out due to misinterpretation of Ikea furniture building instructions.

Where: Find your nearest location here.
Cost: Free to enter


cheap free date

Spend an artsy afternoon exploring the shops and cool sights at Kensington Market. There are loads of art and live performances in the area (COVID-19 pending). Plus, there are a ton of amazing (and cheap) restaurants to stop by for a snack. We recommend climbing to the top of the parking garage (20 St Andrew St) and enjoying the beautiful view of the city.

Where: Kensington Market, College St, and Agusta Ave
Cost: Free to enter


cheap free date

Don’t let the recent incident scare you, this place makes for a wonderful, cheap afternoon date. You can pack a picnic, hike around the area, or just hang out on the beach all day. There are also some incredible views from the top of the bluffs but please listen to the signs and do not get too close to the edge. Your safety is priority numero uno.

Where: 1 Brimley Rd, Scarborough
Cost: Paid parking onsite, but otherwise free

We hope you enjoy these amazing cheap date spots! We challenge you to try out all of them. (If you need a date, we are accepting S.O. applications, just leave those in the comments). Let us know which spot is your favourite!