Since fall is only a few days away, we thought now might be a good time to write a guide on the best restaurants for comfort food in Vancouver. After all, it only takes one gross day for us to be craving something that warms the soul. So, why not give you a few of our top picks?

Here are 10 great places for comfort food in Vancouver.


burgoo bistro comfort food vancouver

This is probably the most well-known spot for comfort food in Vancouver, and for good reason. While everything here is hearty, we always come back to the grilled cheese sandwich with a bowl of tomato soup on the side. So pure, and so tasty!

Where: 3 locations in Vancouver



We’ve said it before- there’s no shortage of amazing Italian options in Vancouver. But when we’re talking about comfort, Pepino’s is the first spot to come to mind. Split a big old plate of spaghetti and meatballs, and enjoy the homey, 80s restaurant vibe while you tuck in.

Where: 631 Commercial Drive


dosanko comfort food vancouver

Japanese cuisine goes all out, no matter what dishes are being made. And, that rings true for the yoshoku style of food at Dosanko. This homestyle cooking incorporates Western taste and is actually the origin of Japanese curry. Or, their omurice dish is probably the best in the city.

Where: 566 Powell Street

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Hawkers Delight

hole in the wall vancouver hawker's

It would be a crime not to mention this incredible, Southeast Asian eatery in Vancouver. While the dining room is absolutely tiny, they’ve recently got on delivery apps. Whether you want to sink into a bowl of laksa or are craving some curry, Hawkers Delight is a cheap, delicious, and filling option.

Where: 4127 Main Street

Les Faux Bourgeois

les faux bourgeois comfort food vancouver

Red wine, amazing dishes, and an atmosphere similar to Pepino’s await you at this French staple spot. Sure, it might feel a little fancier than our other picks, but rest assured that you’ll have an amazing meal whether you’re dining in or ordering some takeout.

Where: 633 E. 15th Avenue

Ramen Danbo

ramen danbo

Really, Vancouver’s ramen game is so good that Danbo is more like a placeholder for us. While we absolutely love their tonkotsu ramen, it’s just one of about a dozen different options. So really, you should check out our guide for the full rundown of flavour profiles.

Where: Locations throughout Vancouver


chambar comfort food vancouver

Chambar is a great restaurant period, but their breakfast offerings are second to none. Want something savoury? Then try either the cassoulet or the paella. Want something sweet? Order a few waffles and add toppings until your heart’s content. Either/or, you’re walking out happy.

Where: 568 Beatty Street

The Arbor

the arbor

The little sister of The Acorn, which is our top choice for vegetarian dining in Vancouver. So why The Arbor instead? Because the menu focuses on more, uh, approachable dishes. Think things like delicious burgers, hearty sides, and a brownie for dessert. Classic, but healthy-ish and elevated!

Where: 3941 Main Street


dinesty comfort food vancouver

It might just be us, but we’re thinking that dim sum can be as hearty as any of the other options here. So, why not suggest our top pick in the city? Dinesty does it all well, but you need to order their xiao long bao (soup dumplings) if you go.

Where: 1719 Robson Street



Bestie’s motto is bratwurst and beer, and we’ve loved it ever since they set up shop in Vancouver. You can’t go wrong, but we do suggest getting your dish ‘schranke’ style, which gets you a little mayo and some green onions for good measure. Tasty, unhealthy, and an amazing pick for comfort food cravings.

Where: 105 E Pender Street

And that’s our roundup for some amazing comfort food spots in Vancouver! Before you ask, all of these locations currently have takeout options, so don’t think that you need to dine in to get in on the action!