Ghost towns might not be your first thought when you think of summer. But summer happens to be one of the best and easiest times to visit them. Because let’s face it, who wants to go find a ghost town when it’s dumping rain and cold. Not us. So here are 10 of the coolest ghost towns around Vancouver you can check out.


ghost towns vancouver

As you may have guessed, there’s not a ton of ghost towns in Vancouver proper. But Ioco is one of the closest ghost towns if we’re talking accessibility. And it’s honestly kind of cute. If we could live in one of these houses we probably would. So if you’re looking for a fun drive, head over to Ioco.

Where: Ioco, Port Moody


ghost towns vancouver

This ghost town is pretty lively these days. But that’s because it’s been restored and is a historical site that you can visit. So if you’re into history and want a bit more than old house foundations, Barkerville is the ghost town for you. Now because of COVID, you need to reserve a spot online before going so be sure to do that in order to avoid disappointment.

Where: Barkerville, BC


ghost towns vancouver

If you happen to be making a drive to Calgary you should consider stopping at Retallack. While this ghost town wasn’t much in its day, it surprisingly has a few buildings left. So if you want to see some old wooden houses and the remnants of mining be sure to check it out.

Where: Retallack, BC


ghost towns vancouver

We sure do love it when people restore old things. And that’s part of what makes Sandon so special. So while most of the town is gone, you can still see a few very cool and restored buildings as well as a ton of old Vancouver city buses. Wild.

Where: Sandon, BC


ghost towns vancouver

If you want to see some cool building facades then Hosmer is a great place to stop by. And it just so happens to be in a great hiking area so go visit the ruins before or after your hike for a nice day trip. You can also snag some insta pics while you’re at it.

Where: Hosmer, BC


ghost towns vancouver

Talk about toxic. The Cassiar Asbestos mine is not in hot demands these days, hence how it ended up abandoned. But there’s little left these days as most of it has been auctioned off or it burnt to the ground. Oh and fun fact, they still mine for Jade here.

Where: Cassiar, BC

Fort Shepherd

ghost towns vancouver

What was once a Hudsons Bay Company fort is now a bustling conservation area. Although it has taken some time because all of the extractive practices on the land definitely took their toll. But Fort Shepherd is now homes to tons of wild animals and plants which we love to hear.

Where: Fort Shepherd Conservancy Area


ghost towns vancouver

Vancouver may have thought itself to be the highest city in BC (haha) but that title belongs to Phoenix. Sadly, only the cemetery remains at Phoenix and a very 70s wood Eagle Carving. But you can go to feel the vibes of what was once a booming copper town.

Where: Phoenix, BC

Krag and Waldo


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It’s time to break out your diving gear. And thats because in order to visit these towns you have to head underwater. Because both were purposefully flooded when a dam was built in the area. And honestly if that isn’t spooky, we don’t know what is. See even the dog knows somethings up.

Where: The Kootenays

Surprise City

ghost towns vancouver

Last and maybe least, we have to cap it off with Surprise City. Surprise! It’s a ghost town. We’ll bet the founders didn’t think that would be the outcome. And it may or may not come as a surprise that they’re doing mining in the area again.

Alrighty folks we hope you checkout these ghost towns near Vancouver. And if you go, let us know what or who you see. Of course please be safe and don’t go in any buildings mines that look unsafe or unstable. Common sense folks. But hey, enjoy yourselves out there.