So, you’re having a good hair day and your outfit somehow doesn’t have a single stain or crease. You managed to already pick up a tan in the Calgary sunshine, and the new shoes you’re rocking are getting plenty of compliments. You’re riding a high and you feel like hitting up a restaurant that looks (almost) as good as you do right now. Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve put together our list of some of Calgary’s most beautiful restaurants. Let’s go!

Calcutta Cricket Club

Calgary's most beautiful Restaurants Calcutta Cricket Club

If being taken off on a tropical escape the moment you walk into a restaurant is your kind of idea of a good time, Calcutta Cricket Club has you covered. Nestled right along 17th Avenue, this spot is a lively Indian restaurant and bar that draws inspiration from the cosmopolitan nature and cuisine of West Bengal. The colours are bright, the food is good, and the chairs are comfortable. Well, that’s about all the reasons we need to never leave. See you there, Calgary!

Where: 340 17 Ave SW


royale most beautiful restaurants calgary

This spot has lowkey been gaining some much-deserved attention the last while and we’re happy to see it. The menu is impressive, the service top-notch, but the true star is the interior. This very well might be the most beautiful room in the city.

Where: 730 17 Ave SW

Buffo Ristorante

buffo-ristorante-Calgary's most beautiful Restaurants Calcutta Cricket Club

It’s all about those vintage vibes over at CF Chinook Centre’s newest Italian hot spot, Buffo. Housed within Saks Fifth Avenue, this intimate ristorante takes you out of the mall and drops you right into the jazz club-feels of the ’30s. Buffo’s atmosphere is contemporary and comfortable, seasoned with playful vintage touches from the seating to the finishes. Plus, if shoe selfies are your thing, the flooring is colourful and fun – creating the perfect photo op to show off the new kicks you just dropped your rent money on at Saks.

Where: 6455 Macleod Trail SW

Ten Foot Henry

ten-foot-henry-Calgarys most beautiful Restaurants

Not only does Ten Foot Henry manage to bridge the gap between what we should be eating and what we want to eat, but they also managed to open up a beautiful, bright space that translates well into the evening time. Decorated with loads of bright green plants, rustic wooden borders, shelves complete with local goodies, and plenty of intimate seating, Ten Foot Henry’s decor fills the space with life. Your Instagram feeds are going to thank us.

Where: 1209 1 St SW

Bridgette Bar

bridgette bar Calgarys most beautiful restaurants

Date night, after-work drinks, a girls’ (or guys’) night out— whatever you’re feeling, Bridgette Bar has the ideal atmosphere. With uniquely rustic decor such as a motorcycle that hangs from the wall, to loads of 1970s-style planters, eclectic rugs and mid-century modern seating and light fixtures, Bridgette Bar is the coolest place to hit for lunch or spend an evening at.

Where: 739 10 Ave SW

The Wednesday Room


Walking into The Wednesday Room is like walking into the coolest underground spot that Calgary has to offer. You almost feel as though you shouldn’t know it exists… Described as a space reminiscent of a sophisticated 1960s lounge mixed with your uncles eclectic based, we couldn’t think of a better way to explain this downtown space. This is simply another spot we’d happily take some at home design inspiration from!

Where: 739 10 Ave SW

Mister Chen’s

Besides their delicious and innovative menu, Mister Chen’s has created the perfect resto dynamic for all Calgarians to hit up. Located in Mission, this ultra-modern spot mixes well with traditional Chinese flair and gives us some major Kill Bill vibes. We feel like the coolest diners in the city every time we enter the place. Perfect for a romantic date or group night out, Mister Chen’s should be on all of our minds for every occasion.

Where: 2004 4 St SW

Bread and Circus

Calgarys most beautiful Restaurants Bread and Circus Trattoria

Inspired by Rome, Bread and Circus is a fun, lively new restaurant on 17th avenue that fulfills all of your deepest Instagram desires. The decor is the perfect mix of rustic and traditional, with deep, warm tones. Italian oils and preservatives fill the industrial style shelving units. With marble bar tops, exposed brick, a light mix of modern seating, and tall plants lining the walls, Bread and Circus will make you feel right at home. When in Rome, right folks!

Two Penny

two-penny-Calgarys most beautiful restaurants

Chinese food this tasty will always have a place in our hearts, but Two Penny’s Shanghai-inspired decor should also have a place on your Instagram feeds. Pop a squat and chill at this gorgeous hideaway. This is an oft-forgotten spot, but as low-key as it is, it’s high-key one of Calgary’s most beautiful restaurants.

Where: 616 17 Ave SW

Got a favourite that we missed? Well, Calgary’s got plenty of beautiful restaurants so that’s pretty fair. Snap a picture and tag us in it, maybe we’ll like it enough that we’ll see you there sometime soon.