There’s nothing quite like a good cup of joe on a chilly fall day. And luckily for all of us, we live in one of the US’s biggest coffee cities. Seattle has tons of amazing coffee shops to check out and for the most part, you can’t really go wrong. But here are 10 cute & cozy coffee shops in Seattle to check out this fall.

Real Fine Coffee

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Real Fine is actually exactly how we’d describe this Capitol Hill gem. You can expect great customer service and excellent coffee in a well-lit and welcoming environment that’ll persuade you into some repeat visits. Plus its the perfect stop if you’re on a stroll on the hill.

Where: 616 E Pine St
Hours: Daily 7 am-7 pm

Fresh Flours Bakery

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We love Fresh Flours because not only do they have great coffee but they also have some seriously amazing pastries. Not to mention, they have several locations around the city making them a great choice.

Where: Multiple locations
Hours: Varies

Elm Coffee Roasters

Instagrammers, we’re looking at you! Elm Street coffee roasters will definitely give you some great photo ops.  And they also happen to roast some delicious, vibrant coffees and you really can’t go wrong with any of their drinks.

Where: 240 2nd Ave S
Hours: Monday-Saturday 8 am- 2 pm, Sunday 9 am-2 pm

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Coyles Bakeshop

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Here’s another bakery that has the best of both worlds. Coyles can serve you up an amazing cup of joe and a delicious pastry to match it. Not to mention their Greenwood location is perfect for those of you who live in North Seattle.

Where: 8300 Greenwood Ave N
Hours: Thursday-Sunday 8 am-2 pm

Analog Coffee

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This place throws some serious OG Seattle hipster vibes and they make a mean coffee. And with that in mind, it has to be one of our favorite spots on the hill. After all, does it get much better than a perfect interior and tasty coffee?

Where: 235 Summit Ave E
Hours: Monday-Friday 7 am-6 pm, Saturday & Sunday 8 am-4 pm

General Porpoise

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Now if you want to enjoy a space that is beautifully curated and paired with the city’s best donuts you need to head to General Porpoise. This spot can give you a great coffee and a donut you’ll truly never forget. So with that in mind, get two.

Where: 1020 E Union St
Hours: Daily 7 am-3 pm

Espresso Vivace Sidewalk Espresso Bar

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Sure this place isn’t a sit-down establishment but we think walk-up coffee is pretty cute. And there aren’t many walk-up coffee shops left in the city. Not to mention, Espresso Vivace is the real Seattle OG (it’s older than Starbucks). So give them a try next time you’re strolling the hill.

Where: 321 Broadway Ave E
Hours: Daily 6 am-7 pm

Hood Famous Bakeshop

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Not only is Hood Famous super cute but they also have one of the most unique menus in the city. This bakeshop and coffee spot focuses on Philippine cuisine and flavors. So you can grab a coffee and an amazing snack.

Where: 504 5th Ave S, Suite 107A
Hours: Thursday-Saturday 11 am-4 pm


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The cool older brother of coffee shops, Zeitgeist is another Seattle coffee shop that you don’t want to miss. And they also happen to have a gallery space where they feature different artists if you’d like some visuals with your coffee.

Where: 171 S. Jackson St
Hours: Monday-Friday 7 am-1 pm

Moonshot Coffee

coffee shops seattle

We have to cap this list with a tiny and super cute coffee shop tucked away in White Center. And while they’re currently only serving one person in the cafe at a time, it is absolutely worth the visit. You can get some seriously amazing coffee and see a cute new spot!

Where: 9622 16th Ave SW
Hours: Daily 7 am-6 pm

And that’s our guide for cute and cozy coffee shops in Seattle to check out this fall! Now get out there and get caffeinated, folks!