There’s something oddly calming about grabbing a cup of coffee on a rainy or cloudy day. And, there’s no shortage of amazing coffee shops around Vancouver that are more than worth a visit. Whether you’re catching up with a friend, getting some work done, or just trying to do a little people-watching, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 10 cute and cozy coffee shops to check out around Vancouver.

Harken Coffee

It took a while for this concept in Japantown to get off the crowd, but oh boy are we happy that it did. Not only is the space minimalist yet cozy, but everything on the menu here is vegan! It’s a great off the beaten path option, and worth a visit from any coffee enthusiast.

Where: 338 Powell Street

Prototype Coffee

Another relatively new face on the scene, Prototype Coffee arrived in Vancouver last summer and has been a sleeper hit ever since. The micro-roastery is one of the few in the city that will roast beans for you while you wait. What does that mean? It’s a great choice for those of you who like to stock up on beans every time you visit.

Where: 883 E Hastings Street

The Garden

The Garden definitely takes the cake for the lushest coffee shop in Vancouver. Not only is the interior design on point, but their ever-growing selection of plants will have you feeling like you’re strolling through VanDusen every time you visit. Pair that with a great coffee menu, and this is a great choice for escaping fall weather.

Where: 868 E Hastings Street

Nelson the Seagull

A perennial favourite, Nelson the Seagull was one of the first coffee shops we visited when we arrived in Vancouver. Years later, we still see it as an amazing space with great coffee and food options. Plus, their interior design will have you ready to buckle down and study. Just don’t hog a table if things get too busy!

Where: 315 Carrall Street

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The Birds and the Beets

This spot is just as good for a light snack as it is for coffee, and we love the fact that we can buy flowers to brighten our (or a loved one’s) day. The brioche is delicious, and the avocado and poached egg sandwich is one of the best deals in the city.

Where: 55 Powell Street


Nemesis exploded into the Vancouver scene a few years back and boasts some of the more interesting coffee shops in the city. The original location downtown is great, and their North Van spot is right beside an art gallery (nice). But, our top pick is their latest location, which is easily the most interesting coffee shop in the city.

Where: Multiple locations around Vancouver

49th Parallel Café

The Kits location is probably the most famous coffee shop in the city, but 49th Parallel has three locations worth checking out. Good colour scheme, great coffee, and delicious donuts. However, this is the spot for yeast instead of cake batter, trust us. Get a filled one for maximum effect.

Where: Locations Downtown, in Mount Pleasant, and in Kitsilano

Pallet Coffee Roasters

Like 49th Parallel, Pallet has got a few locations around the city to check out. And while they’re all cozy, we think our pick of the Roastery last year ended up being solid. Why? Because comfort means coziness, and the sprawling space gives you ample room to stay socially distant.

Where: 6 locations around Vancouver

Coco et Olive

Further up Main Street lies this sleeper hit. Coco et Olive has always managed to fly under the radar, but they’ve got great baking and one of the most authentic “I need to study” vibes in Vancouver. Plus, it’s the kind of hidden gem that impresses your urban exploration friends.

Where: 3707 Main Street

Liberty Bakery

Sitting kiddy corner from Coco is Liberty. This Nordic bakery is as much a masterclass in interior design as it is a great coffee shop, but we guess that’s what happens when three artists decide to save their neighbourhood hangout.

Where: 3699 Main Street

And there you have it, folks! Our guide to the best cozy coffee shops in Vancouver. Whether you need a study spot, a new takeout destination, or just want to switch up your current coffee schedule, make sure to check these out when you get a chance.