Everything tastes just that much better when you’ve worked for it – especially when that work isn’t really ‘work’ at all. This season, fire up that GPS, grab a bucket, breathe in some fresh air and make the most of a beautiful day at one of Alberta’s super wholesome fruit fields. Here are 10 U-pick farms near Calgary that you should definitely check out this summer!

Sweet Life Saskatoons

This adorable family-run spot is pretty big on Saskatoons (if their name didn’t already give that away.) Their fields are fairly big, the view is breathtaking and the farm smells like mowed grass and fresh berries. Sounds like the makings of a perfect day to us!

Where: 281114 Symons Valley Road
Distance from Calgary: 48.6 km

Pearson’s Berry Farm

u-picks near calgary
‘Spectacular taste that puts a smile on your face!’ With a slogan like that, how could we not want to check it out? If that doesn’t do the trick then perhaps this will: Pearson’s Berry Farm is actually recognized as the first commercial orchard of Saskatoon Berries in the entire world. The. Entire. World. Fancy right?

Where: 34463 – Range Rd 40, Red Deer County
Distance from Calgary: 115 km

Pleasant View U Pick Berries

u-picks near calgary
Whether it’s haskaps, raspberries, saskatoons, or rhubarbs that you’re after, you’ll find it at Pleasant View. These guys are a family-run operation though, so if you do choose to check this one out, make sure to call ahead, as they have no sales staff!

Where: RR#1 Crossfield, AB
Distance from Calgary: 57.9 km

The Jungle Farm

The Jungle Farm is best known for its big, juicy, strawberries plenty but they also have raspberries, pumpkins, and Saskatoons. Every other year, this would be the place to come and hang out for the day, but in 2020 they mean business. Unfortunately, due to the virus, they’re asking that you come with a purpose. Pick em- and go. All the caution aside, this might be the tasty mission of the summer if you choose to accept it.

Where: 28120 Township Rd 362, Red Deer, AB
Distance from Calgary: 126 km

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The Saskatoon Farm

the saskatoon farm
This just-out-of-town favourite is a go-to for weddings, cooking classes, meals, and berries (duh). Every July, their sour cherry, Saskatoon berry, and black currant picking seasons open. You can head out to graze or fill a bucket!

Where: 80181 338 Ave E #20, Foothills County, AB
Distance from Calgary: 47.6 km

Kayben Farms

Black currant jam is freakin delicious, and you can get your fill of ingredients at Kayben Farms. Bring the kiddos to explore the Sunshine Adventure Park, too! They have baby animals galore and tons of activities for the whole fam.

Where: 316034 32 St E, Okotoks, AB
Distance from Calgary: 42.7 km

Saskaberry Ranch

Who doesn’t like themselves a sour cherry or two? Saskaberry farm has been hit pretty hard by the birds for the 2020 season but they’re still kicking. Luckily for those looking to get in on the U-pick game, they update their website frequently with field conditions, meaning they’ll never let you head out without a heads up!

Where: R.R. #2  Site 9  Box 15 Olds, Alberta
Distance from Calgary: 103 km

Solstice Berry Farm

saskatoon farm
Unfortunately, these guys are closed for the 2020 season due to that crazy hail storm we had earlier this summer- but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t stay on your radar! Solstice kicked things off in ’94 and they’ve been killing the sask berry game ever since. Here you’ll be met with friendly service and you’ll find saskatoon berries of the highest quality. It’s definitely worth checking out next summer!

Where: 29250 Range Rd 34, Crossfield
Distance from Calgary: 63.8 km

Eagle Creek Farms

Eagle Creek has a little bit of everything! Not only do they have strawberries, they also have vegetables – like carrots, cucumbers, peas, and flowers! After U-pick, check out their sunflower fields or get lost in one of their 3 mazes.

Where: 34530 Range Road #14 Red Deer County
Distance from Calgary: 113 km

Red Lodge U-Pick

u-picks near calgary
If you’re down for a bit more of a roadie, head to Red Lodge. This family-run farm is nestled along the Little Red Deer River west of Bowden, and they’ve got plenty of fruits ready for the taking! We’re talkin’ raspberries, cherries, haskap– you name it!

Where: Township Rd 342 & Range Road 31, Red Deer County
Distance from Calgary: 128 km

Boy, we cannot wait to get out there and earn some berries to pair with ice cream on a hot day. Now that’s summer living. Enjoy all these U-pick farms near Calgary, folks!