Well folks we hate to say it but summer is slowly coming to an end. And even though we’ll miss it, we’re excited to see BC transform into a fall wonderland. So if you’re all about seeing those beautiful fall colours be sure to keep on reading. Here are 10 places to see fall colours in BC.

Stanley Park

fall colors bc

First off, we’ll start close to home. Everyone’s favourite inner-city park has some seriously wonderful fall colours to offer us. And it’s also just a great place to get out of the house and explore. So be sure to head over to Stanley Park in the coming weeks.

Where: Stanley Park

Van Dusen Botanical Gardens

fall colors bc

Here’s another spot that will give you nice fall vibes while also remaining in the city. Van Dusen is fun to visit year-round but to their unique and diverse plant species, there’s always something new to see no matter what time of year you go in.

Where: 5151 Oak Street

Pacific Spirit Park

fall colors bc

If you happen to go to UBC you’re probably pretty familiar with this park. But that being said, it’s absolutely worth visiting even if you don’t get out to the west side much. After all, there are tons of trails to explore and colours to see.

Where: Pacific Spirit Park

Queen Elizabeth Park

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And how could we forget the beautiful lookout at the top of Queen Elizabeth Park? If you’re heading to Bloedel Conservatory or just up to the park be sure to look out at the city. Because chances are you’re going to catch a glimpse or two of the city changing colours.

Where: Queen Elizabeth Park


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And if you feel like leaving the mainland you can head over to Vancouver Island to see all that Tofino has to offer during the autumn. And you might just be able to catch a few waves too, depending on what you’re into.

Where: Tofino, BC

Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park

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On the topic of the Island, you can also head to the well-loved Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park. And this is an especially great spot if you want to bring a kayak or canoe to enjoy the BC fall colours from the water. You have options!

Where: Vancouver Island

Grouse Mountain

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Is there any season this mountain doesn’t do well? We love Grouse year-round and fall is an excellent time to take advantage of some hiking and views with a sprinkle of fall colours. So get out there and finally do the grind this year.

Where: Grouse Mountain


fall colors bc

If you’re going to head East you should consider heading to Nelson. Because while this town is relatively small it’s still a great place to take advantage of fall hiking and views. Plus the drive out there will be equally as spectacular as when you arrive.

Where: Nelson, BC

Manning Park

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You can check out the Cascades lookout at Manning Park for some seriously spectacular fall views. And we’ll bet you’ll love the drive to this iconic park as well. So there’s nothing to lose by visiting Manning Park.

Where: Manning Park

Burnaby Mountain

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And finally, we’re capping this list with one more spot close to home. But with that in mind, Burnaby Mountain has some pretty spectacular views to offer so don’t sleep on it. Plus you can always enjoy the restaurant on top after looking out on the beautiful fall bc colours.

Where: Burnaby Mountain

Well, folks, that’s what we have for the best places to see fall colours around Vancouver. And we know not everyone can get out of the city so we tried our best to add some spots close to home. So give it a few weeks and get out there to enjoy some beautiful fall colours in BC.