A waterfall, no matter the size will get you every time. It’s kind of like watching a fireworks display – it honestly doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen one, without fail, you’ll stop, stare and breathe a little deeper. Here are 10 of the most picturesque waterfalls in all of Alberta!

*Editors Note: Swimming, climbing, jumping or diving into any waterfall, on this list or otherwise, is not recommended – unless park permitted by official signage. Please visit these sites cautiously! 


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Of course, we’re kicking things off in Jasper! If you’ve never been, it’s an Alberta must. This waterfall in particular is a tourist favourite. It’s big, beautiful and fairly easy to get too. See this one from above or below on the viewing platform, every angle is a good angle.

Where: Improvement District No. 12, Jasper National Park, AB


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Tangle Creek is what most would describe only as ‘breathtaking.’ This waterfall doesn’t really ‘fall’, it kind of cascades down the rocks. Also, it’s impossible to miss because its literally on the side of the road – it might even spray your vehicle as you drive by.

Where: Icefields Pkwy, Improvement District No. 12, AB



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Lake Louise is ridiculously good-looking. You’ll find Bow Glacier Falls a few kilometres up a heavily trafficked hiking trail, but don’t worry! It’s nothing you won’t be able to handle, no matter your experience. Bring your dogs, bird watch and then enjoy the incredible payoff. This place is outstanding.

Where: Hwy. 93 North, Improvement District No. 9, AB


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Photo via Maligne Canyon | Pursuit

Maligne, the ‘deepest canyon in the Rockies’ is an all-season beauty. The hike up to this one is almost as beautiful as the waterfall itself, and it’s not super difficult either! The easy-to-follow trail will take you over 6 scenic bridges – if you’re an expert or 2 if you’re looking for something light and enjoyable!

Where: Directions here – Jasper National Park, AB

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Via Waterton Lakes National Park

Lower Bertha Falls is a light hike through wildflowers and greenery. Surrounded by towering trees, moss and rock, this incredibly picturesque waterfall is honestly, kind of magical. Trust us, this one is well worth the exercise. Once you’re there, have a snack and enjoy nature’s best.

Where: Directions here – Waterton, AB


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Cameron Falls looks like something a Disney Imagineer would have drawn up. It’s very ‘Pride Rock’ meets splash mountain. This is by far one of Waterton’s most photographed spots and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Alberta, and it’s obvious why. A. There’s no hiking, climbing or extreme GPS-ing needed to find this place and B. it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Where: Directions here – Waterton, AB


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At 1,200 feet, Bridal Veil Falls is Alberta’s largest waterfall by a landslide. This isn’t one you want to get too close to because its beauty lies in its incredible drop down the mountain, so you won’t need to hike, but you will have to take a bit of a walk.

Where: Improvement District No. 9, Banff, AB


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Elbow Falls is made up of several little waterfalls, but it’s a beautiful, quiet spot great for having lunch, seeing wildlife and getting some fresh air. There are not very many places where you can grab a bite this close to a waterfall, comfortably… No one wants a wet sandwich.

Where: AB-66, Bragg Creek


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Just off the Crowsnest Highway, you’ll find Lundbreck Falls. Camp, fish, relax or just hang for a while and have lunch next to this big blue wonder. The pool is deep, the observation decks are easy to access, and it photographs like a dream.

Where: Range Rd 24B, Lundbreck, AB


10 of the most picturesque waterfalls in Alberta
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This is a pretty popular one for those who know the Banff/Canmore area well. Johnston Canyon is a nice hike suitable for all skill levels and offers several waterfall viewpoints on your way up. In the summer, fall or the winter, we’d definitely recommend checking this one out.

Where: Bow Valley Pkwy, Improvement District No. 9, AB

There you have it, friends. The most picturesque waterfalls in Alberta. Fancy a little road trip? We’ve got a killer playlist and a pantry of snacks. Siri, Play TLC – Crazy, Sexy, Cool track 8.