Ahhh, photography. As you can (probably) tell from our Insta, we appreciate a good Alberta view. And there’s no shortage of Calgary photographers to give us just that! Here are 10 people that get the Curiocity stamp of approval when it comes to capturing our beauty backyard.


calgary photographers
Aidan’s shots are crisp, clean, and so phenomenal that we can’t stop staring. You’ll get your fill of nature on his feed, but we’ll warn you: once you toss your first like, it’s pretty hard to stop.


calgary photographers
Mike specializes in Real Estate, Event, & Portrait photography, but we gotta say we’re pretty into his Calgary landscapes. Toss him a follow for gorg rainbows, Calgary tower cameos and mountain shots for days.


calgary photographers
Jonathan cycles through New York, Toronto, Vancouver, & Chicago, but he takes some wicked pics of Calgary too. If you’re down for stunning shots from across the nation (the Blue Ring even gets a shoutout on his feed!), click that “Follow” ASAP.


calgary photographers

Ana’s feed is bright and punchy! She finds way to see Calgary from new points of view, so don’t be surprised if you come across an angle you’ve never seen before.


calgary photographers

From geese to Sulphur mountain views to clean shots of the Central Library, Luis has got a varied feed that’s super easy on the eyes.


calgary photographers

The city’s never looked so pretty! Count on Matt to give you endless skyline shots, accented by his (weirdly always clean?) sneaks.


calgary photographers
If you’re a hiker, you’re gonna be into Carlos’s photos. From rams to bears to breathtaking mountain views, he captures the best of the Rockies time after time.


calgary photographers
Starry skies, dreamy lakes and eye-catching mountains are the name of the game here. Francis spends a whole lotta time out in neature and it shows.


chinatown calgary
Cityscapes make a big appearance on Chrissy’s feed. Those boring views you pass by every day? Yeah, those look a whole lot more gorgeous on this Insta page.


calgary photographers
Robin makes us feel like we’re seeing everything through rose-coloured glasses. No, this isn’t a Disney movie– it’s Alberta, and we’re lovin’ every magical minute of it.

So that does it YYC! 10 Calgary photographers you just have to follow. These talented folks deserve your likes too, so don’t be shy!