Health nuts, rejoice! Today, Grouse Mountain officially announced that the Grouse Grind will be reopening for the season this weekend. In fact, it’s opening up tomorrow, on Saturday, May 28th.

Not like you don’t already know, but the Grouse Grind is easily one of the most iconic ‘hikes’ around Vancouver, if not all of BC. Practically a straight shot up the side of Grouse Mountain, the Grind offers a whopping 2.5km of trail, with a respectable 2,830 stairs to get up there. Yeah, it’s not exactly a walk in the park.

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It should be noted that the downhill trail is currently not open to the public. So, you’ll need to get a downhill ticket as well if you’re planning to tackle the Grouse Grind this summer. Luckily, these are a fraction of an actual day-pass, at $20 for GA.

They picked a pretty rainy weekend to open it up, but it is looking like Saturday might avoid some rainier weather. Even still, we’re certain that there will be more than a few Grind diehards out there right at 7AM to claim an early summit, if you can call it that.

As for us? Well, we might still need a few weeks of prep.

Grouse Grind

When: Opens for the season Saturday, May 28th, at 7AM
Where: 6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver
Cost: $20 (for a downhill ticket)