A fine-dining Stephen Avenue favourite, Murrieta’s, is a beloved spot for good food, good service, and tasty sips. However, while it remains on the top of so many lists, it does have a flaw…there’s only one location in Calgary. While the other location is in Canmore and is worth a stop in its own regard, we city slickers ready for an in-town bite have some great news.

Despite not sharing the same name, the folks behind Murrieta’s hospitality group have announced that they will be opening a new restaurant in the University District.

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Set to open in the Summer of 2022, Borough Bar + Grill pays homage to the “unique North American culinary tradition in a casual yet expressive space.”

Featuring floating ceilings, intimate booths, and a lounge area – plus a chef’s table for larger parties, Borough Bar will have a Patisserie, a beautiful main dining room, and will have a patio open to customers in the warmer months.

While this will be among so many others up and coming for the area, we can’t imagine that there will be anything quite like it and are super excited to check it out.

If you also will be waiting impatiently to take a seat, keep an eye on us. As of right now, there’s no official opening date, but we’ll keep you updated as more information rolls in.

Until then, why not grab a table at their Stephen Ave or Canmore Murrieta’s location – if not because you can’t wait, then just because you deserve to treat yourself.


When: Summer 2022
Where: University District TBA