We’ve all heard of the red flag – you know, those characteristics that immediately set off alarm bells and tell you: run, don’t walk. Those are good to pay attention to, especially in the dating world. But what about green flags?

As the name might suggest, green flags are things about a person that send good signals. Like loving animals or having a good relationship with their family. Positive signs that you have compatible interests and values. It’s a smart way to look at things, and it’s gaining traction online.


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Green flags are great to look out for, and sometimes we mean ‘green’ pretty literally. Millennials and Gen Z are among some of the most eco-conscious generations, with nearly three-quarters of young Canadians concerned about the future due to climate change. 

It’s no wonder that environmental awareness is creeping up on young Canadian’s lists of green flags. Making a positive change is easier when you have a partner in crime, right? 


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If thinking green is important to you, here are some green flags you can look for.

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They have green habits

That feeling when you go on a date to the farmer’s market, and they bring their own reusable bag. *swoon*

Sometimes it’s the little things. Like bringing a reusable mug to their fav coffee shop, supporting small businesses and grocers, cooking on an electric stove, and separating their recycling like a pro. It may be small, but it can make a difference!

@second.life.studio My partner Sam once learned how to make his own eco cleaning products so that we wouldn’t accidentally contaminate the water streams. Moments like that are such a green flag to me that he takes initiative and is a considerate person💚 I feel very lucky that we get to live out our values together while slowly building a home. If you are also looking for ways to live more sustainably check out www.greenflags.ca or the link in bio to see how you can save on your home upgrade 🌿 #ecohome #sustainablehome #environmentaldefence #mygreenflags #ad ♬ original sound – Charlotte Rose

They’re in the know about the latest green initiatives

Have you ever been on a date where they just info dump about the strangest thing? Maybe it’s not so fun when it’s about taxidermy. But what about someone who’s got the skinny on all the green initiatives and federal programs? 

As in, how the Canada Greener Homes Grant Program has grants of up to $5,000 for green home retrofits like smart thermostats, home insulation, and heat pumps. Or the Canada Greener Homes Loan, which provides interest-free loans of up to $40,000 for home efficiency upgrades.

It might be kind of weird to bring up at dinner, but it just shows how much they care!

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They’re all about clean energy and going electric

Maybe they’re planning to install solar panels on their roof, or they’re biking to work to save up for an electric car. It’s not so much about driving a Tesla –  it’s an interest in green technology.

Like, did you know that you can install an electric heat pump in your home as an alternative to a gas furnace? Depending on the electricity mix in your province, a heat pump can reduce emissions by 20-80%, and over the long term, it will save a lot for your wallet too. 

@homebyshauna little green flags around the house 🌱 being aligned on energy efficiency helps create a home that feels peaceful and protects our environment too 🫶🏻 #mygreenflags #sponsored ♬ Hey Lover – The Daughters Of Eve

The right person will be passionate about the things you’re passionate about. We can make a bigger difference when we work together, so why shouldn’t green thinking be a green flag? Makes sense to us.

Learn more about the green flag trend and how you can make moves to be a little greener.