Step into a world where pumpkins reign supreme and the spirit of autumn comes alive. It’s time for the 19th Annual Great Pumpkin Beer Festival, proudly presented by The Vera Project, and set to unfold at the iconic Seattle Center.

The enchanting tradition of the Great Pumpkin Beer Festival returns this September and as always, every ounce of joy you experience will serve a noble cause – supporting The Vera Project!

The heart of the Seattle Center will play host to this spectacular event, where over 80 varieties of pumpkin and seasonal beers, sourced both locally and globally, will cascade into your glass, with a few delightful surprises tucked in. Notably, Elysian Brewing’s ingenious brewers will contribute around twenty concoctions, a testament to their pumpkin-inspired creativity.

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great pumpkin beer festival
Photo via Elysian/Great Pumpkin Beer Festival

But the festival transcends mere libations. The star of the show is a mammoth pumpkin, weighing several hundred pounds, that undergoes a mesmerizing transformation. The pumpkin gets hollowed out, toasted, filled with pumpkin-infused beer, sealed with care, and left to mature, only to be ceremoniously tapped for all attendees to relish.

Yet, there’s more enchantment to experience. Dress in your most imaginative attire for the costume contest, groove to the rhythm of live music, savor delectable treats from local food trucks, unleash your artistic abilities at the pumpkin carving station, and get stuffed at the pie eating contest.

However, swift action is essential as tickets sell out each year. Secure your spot in this autumnal extravaganza before it disappears into the autumn mist.

19th Annual Great Pumpkin Beer Festival

When:  4 PM-10 PM, Friday, September 29th & Saturday, September 30th
Where: 305 Harrison Street
Cost: One-Day Pass: $30+, Two-Day Pass: $50+, $5 for the designated driver