Big news, license holders! The Alberta Government has announced that they will be eliminating the Class 5 and 6 advanced road tests under the Graduated Driver Licensing program and it’ll all go down this spring.

As it was introduced 19 years ago, new drivers under Alberta’s GDLP are required to have a fully-licensed person seated next to them while driving, are not able to drive between midnight and 5 am and must not have any drugs or alcohol in their system when behind the wheel.

Additionally, in order to get a Class 5 license, drivers must have had their learners for at least a year and have to pass a road test to get behind the wheel – but then must have to wait another 2 years before taking the advanced road test to get fully licensed.


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This, however, is all about to change. 

Come spring 2023 – Albertans will no longer be required to take the advanced road test and instead, will just have to complete a probationary period in order to qualify for their Class 5 or 6 driver’s license – saving them $150 and a whole lot of time. 

“Many Albertans have told us that the advanced test costs too much, is a roadblock to finding jobs and has created unnecessary red tape,” said Transportation Minister, Prasad Panda in a press release.

“That’s why we are eliminating the advanced road test for (Class 5) passenger vehicles and (Class 6) motorcycles as well as the additional Class 4 road test while maintaining strong safety standards for drivers.”


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If of course, you have any suspensions or traffic violations within the 12-month probationary period – you will not be eligible when the time comes.

Furthermore, drivers who exhibit poor behaviours, get demerits or are ticketed for unsafe driving offences a year before getting fully licensed will have their probationary period extended – so keep this in mind and be smart.

For more information or to read the press release for yourself, you can do so here. It’s a lot, we know – but it might be worth checking it out!

This will be huge for some people!