They say that when one door closes, another opens in its place and Calgary-born coffee shop, Good Earth Cafe wants the keys – not for a single new location but several across the country!

According to Retail Insider, the local spot, which was founded in 1991, will be acquiring a number of spaces that were recently left unoccupied by mega-chain, Starbucks.

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This, of course, won’t be easy, so it could be a while until we see their names on the door – but hang tight!

In order for this to really work in their favour, they’ll be choosing locations with superior performance, infrastructure, and opportunity for growth. All important stuff!

As for how many new cafes they’ll be opening? Well, they aren’t sure quite yet. “It will really be driven by the quality of the real estate as we see it and then very importantly by the interest that we have from franchise prospects, franchise partners.” Founder and CEO Michael Going told BI.

Now more than ever, it’s pretty amazing to see a local spot be able to fill the shoes (and void) that a name like Starbucks left behind. We could not be more excited, so congrats, Good Earth. This is huge!


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