A true testament to BC’s beauty and biodiversity, Goldstream Park has it all. Majestic 600-year-old trees, powerful waterfalls, vibrant wildflowers, and a river that meets the sea. As there’s so much here to see as well as seasonal phenomenons like the annual salmon run, multiple visits per year are definitely warranted!

Trails & waterfalls

The park boasts a network of hiking trails that cater to all levels of outdoor enthusiasts, from wheelchair-accessible hikes to more challenging adventures along creeks and up past abandoned gold digging sites from the days of the Gold Rush.

For starters, the iconic Goldstream Trestle Bridge Trail offers panoramic views of the lush canyon below, while the more rugged Mount Finlayson Trail rewards hikers with sweeping vistas of the surrounding landscapes. History lovers can embark on the Gold Mine Trail, exploring remnants of the area’s gold rush history while enjoying the serenity of the forest.

As visitors venture through the meandering trails, they’ll come across tons of towering Douglas firs and ancient red cedars, which provide a sanctuary for a variety of birds, from hummingbirds to bald eagles, to turkey vultures.

Another trail leads waterfall hopefuls to the stunning ‘Niagara Falls,’ which cascades 47.5 metres down a rocky cliff into a crystal-clear canyon pool below. As well, you can check out the smaller Goldstream Falls situated in the northwest part of the park, next to the campground.

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goldstream park bc
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Speaking of, Goldstream Park has over 300 campsites to choose from – 152 reservable front-country sites and 173 vehicle-accessible sites.

Located just 16 km from downtown Victoria, this park is a fantastic add-on if you’re visiting anywhere in the southern part of the Island.

goldstream park bc
Photo via BC Parks

Safety & info

Note that there is no pedestrian access between the east and west sides of the park, and visitors should not attempt to cross the highway. As well, all railway lines and tunnels are located on private property.

Finally, it’s worth noting that cliff and bridge-jumping are strictly prohibited, as the park has slippery riverbanks and dangerous currents.

So there you have it, Vancouver! If you’re looking to check out a park that feels like new every time you visit, this is it.

Goldstream Park

Where: 16 km northwest of Victoria

Information on Goldstream Park is from BC Parks, and is accurate as of publication date.