Thanks to indoor golf simulators, going golfing in winter doesn’t get us the “are your crazy” look anymore. Instead, it gets us the “great idea” cheer. And we have stumbled upon a great place that might just become your fave hangout spot come snowy season— GO GO GOLF!

For those not in the know, GO GO GOLF is a premium indoor golf lounge in southwest Calgary. They opened their doors last December and were an instant hit. So, we thought we’d fill you in on this cool (and equal parts cozy) place before the chill gets real.

GO GO GOLF Premium Indoor Golf Lounge
Photos via Curiocity

So, the lounge boasts six different rooms— three private and three open. Each of these comes with a premium golf simulator that features video swing analysis, more than 150 world-class golf courses and a lot more.

While the equipment is pretty hi-tech, the place is not just for golf pros. Sure, the lounge is a great place to harness your skills and even show them off. But it is just as much fun for amateurs and even first-timers. As amateur golfers ourselves, we can vouch for this.

They also have a good food and drink spread. You’ll find quite a few shareables and handhelds to enjoy in between swings. Our picks: Crispy Potato Tots, Roasted Tomato Bruschetta and Chicken BLT on Ciabatta.

Food at GO GO GOLF Premium Indoor Golf Lounge
Photos via Curiocity

And because no outing is complete without some boozy bevies, you’ll find a good selection of beers (any Eighty-Eight lovers in the house?), liquors, wines and ciders.

Basically, GO GO GOLF has everything you need to party with the crew post work or with friends and family on those lazy-ish weekends.

GO GO GOLF Premium Indoor Golf Lounge
Photos via Curiocity

And talking of parties, with the holiday season coming up, they’re ready to host all your gatherings and celebrations. They also have gift cards. So, showing your appreciation to your team and/or clients is going to be easier than ever.

Check out their website below to view their rooms and book your slots. Here’s to a no-hibernation winter!


10135 Southport Rd SW, Calgary