Every year, the Global Power City Index ranks the world’s major cities by “their comprehensive power to attract people, capital, and enterprises from around the world.” And while Vancouver might not top the charts or qualify as an economic powerhouse per se, the city is definitely emerging as a leader in several key areas.

The ranking looks at six important factors – Economy, Research and Development, Cultural Interaction, Livability, Environment, and Accessibility. According to the 2022 Index, Vancouver comes in at 34th globally, and second in Canada – with Toronto just ahead.

As for who came out on top – London, New York, Tokyo, Paris, and Singapore lead the charts, in that order.

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vancouver GPCI 2022
Photo via GPCI 2022

Global trends

The 2022 report notes that two years have passed since the start of the pandemic, which means that socioeconomic activity and travel are beginning to recover in many countries across the world. As a result, the GPCI has seen both positive and negative changes in urban power. For one, most cities in the ranking have registered a lower GDP Growth Rate from last year.

On the flip side, the air quality in many of the cities listed has worsened – although that’s not the case for Vancouver, which came in third for having the least PM2.5 concentration.

Vancouver trends

Per the report, Vancouver saw lower numbers under the “Cultural Interaction” category which includes “trendsetting potential”, “tourism resources”, cultural facilities”, “visitor amenities” and “international interaction.” This may come as a shock for some considering that Vancouver is one of the most multicultural cities in Canada. It did come in 30th place under that factor.

But Vancouver did see some success and high scores under the “Livability” and “Environment” factors, the former of which includes the cost of living, work environment, security and safety, well-being, and ease of living.

If there’s anything that this list shows us, it’s that we have a long way to go when it comes to making the city more accessible, increasing cultural interaction, and further research & development.