Well, if southwest wasn’t already the place for winter-ish activities, the city just secured its place as the ultimate snowy destination with the release of some new glide-friendly equipment. Ladies, gents and friends – Calgary has just launched Bowness Park Ice Bike rentals!

In addition to their 1.6-kilometre skating trail, YYC added the new attraction late last week making us the very first city in the entire country to offer the sled-like cycles.

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For those having a tough time really picturing what exactly these things are – it’s basically just a normal bike-mounted onto a platform which sounds like it’ll be a ton of fun.

“There’s a new way to enjoy outdoor skating at Bowness Park this year! Ice bikes offer a safe, stable alternative for all ages and skill levels,” it says on the COC website.

To book one of their new winter no-wheelers Calgarians are encouraged to head over to the Skate Shop, located next to the Seasons of Bowness Park restaurant. Rentals are $12 per half hour, or $20 per hour and have been sanitized for your protection.

So, mask up, grab your quarantine buddy and check it out! The ice won’t last forever! … At least we hope that it doesn’t, so there’s no time to waste!


Where: 8900 48 Ave NW, Calgary,
Cost: $12/.5 hour or $20/hour