Some people just need a little nudge in one direction or another and this may or may not surprise you, but the best way to encourage someone to do anything – is money. For this reason, the Alberta government just announced that they would be launching their 2021 COVID- 19 ‘Open For Summer Lottery,’ a $1 million incentive for getting immunized this sunny season.

According to Premier Jason Kenney, with 68 percent of Albertans vaccinated, the clinics have actually slowed down significantly in the last few weeks..

“We have a big problem,” he said in a video message, “We’re not getting enough demand right now.” adding that places like the Edmonton Expo Centre, one of the provinces’ largest immunization stations, was not seeing nearly as much traffic as it has in the past.

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In order to move to step three, which would see all restrictions be lifted, 70% of all Albertans over the age of 12 must be vaccinated.

Now, in addition to everything that comes with the province reopening, all Albertans over the age of 18 who receive their first dose before reaching the 70% threshold will be eligible for the first $1 million prize.

This draw will be done on the day that Alberta moves into the third phase of the government’s Open For Summer strategy, though more information will be coming out about how and when the other two prizes will be offered.

“The arrival and uptake of the COVID-19 vaccines in our province have accomplished extraordinary things,” said Health Minister Tyler Shandro, in a statement. “It’s only fitting that we respond in kind with a once-in-a-lifetime event in Alberta. This lottery is an investment in Albertans and our province’s economic future.”

These guys are going hard – so, if you’re thinking about getting the vaccine, don’t hesitate! Get out there!

For more information on the Open for Summer Lottery or Alberta’s reopening strategy, please visit the government’s website here, and remember to be safe, wash your hands and be kind to one another! We’re nearly out of the woods, folks!