The holiday season is on its way and along with festive cheer, gifts for everyone (and their dog) , and plenty of food, comes one inevitable thing – spending. Yes, it can be a very expensive time of year, but enjoying the holidays to the fullest shouldn’t mean you’re constantly worrying about your bank account. Instead, you can live your best life today while still saving for tomorrow with Brightside

Brightside is a free banking app built just for Albertans to spend and save for what they love without giving up what they love. Whatever that might be. 

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So whether it’s turning your place into tinsel town or finding the perfect festive cocktail, you can indulge with less spending stress.  Here’s the scoop on how Brightside can help you save while you spend this holiday season. 

To get started, download the Brightside app. Signing up for Brightside only takes a couple of minutes and you can do it from anywhere, anytime (like right here, right now). You can then securely connect to your existing bank accounts directly through the app – so there’s no switching banks to take advantage of everything Brightside has to offer.

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Spending during the holidays is easy – why not save while you do it? Meet Round Ups. Connect and use any card you spend with and your purchases will be rounded up to the nearest $1, $2 or $5. Then, those savings are automatically stashed away into your Brightside bucket each week. Say you set your Round Ups to $1. Next time you grab your peppermint mocha (hold the whip) for $4.50, you’ll round up $0.50. Easy as that. It’s like saving without even noticing. And it adds up quick!

Or add the Brightside Spend Card to your wallet and earn 0.5% cash back each time you spend your own money. Spend directly from one of your Brightside buckets, which are like accounts but totally free and can be customized with unique names. This unique card gives you all the benefits of a credit card without racking up the unwanted debt. So tap away knowing you’re saving while you spend. 

If this has spiked your curiosity (wink wink) then head on over to or check ‘em out on social @hibrightsider. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, folks! So let’s make it even better and save some money while still doing all the things you love.