With summer starting to wrap up, our minds turn to one of its best parts- frolicking amongst some sunflowers! Practice your smile, because Eagle Creek Farm’s Bowden SunMaze is set to return, bringing tens of thousands of stunning sunflowers with it!

Showcasing over 100,000 bright yellow sunflowers, this spectacular field should be sent straight to the top of everyone’s must-hit bucket list last year, and is sure to be the same this go-around. The Bowden Sunmaze sits about an hour drive north of Calgary, and about a two hour drive south of Edmonton.

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Unfortunately, the usual schedule for the Bowden SunMaze was affected by the recent storms in the province, which wiped out a significant chunk of their crop. But, we’re happy to say that most of it was unaffected, and recent updates are showing that things are back on track!

So, the farm is expecting to have things up and running by the next few weeks, just in time to cap off the summer! They’re anticipating to open their doors by early September. But, as always, we’ll be keeping our ears (wait, that’s a corn pun) to the ground and keeping you updated.

See you out there, friends!


When: Tuesday, August 10th (subject to change)
Where: 34530 RR#14 Red Deer County, Alberta
Time: 11 am – 5 pm
Cost: $7+