Skating rinks are a dime a dozen here in the north, but there are a handful of spectacular frozen trails that are worth the extra few hours it may take to get there and Gatineau’s Little Penguin Trail is no exception.

Known as the largest outdoor skating trail in the region, Little Penguin Trail is a skating path that winds through the spectacular snow-covered grounds of the Touraine Golf Club.

The trail is especially gorgeous on bright days when the sun glistens on the surface of the ice and the surrounding snowbanks. That being said, you may want to pack a pair of sunglasses just in case.

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The path is over 5 km long and is surrounded by tall trees and sweeping views of the surrounding nature. This is only the second year that Little Penguin Trail has been open to the public.

You can get a single ticket to the trail or buy a package of 10 visits and prices vary depending on how many people are in your group. The more skaters in your party, the more money you save on admission!

Individual tickets for visitors ages 13 and older cost $20 each, and a package of 10 costs $180.

It takes roughly four and a half hours to drive to the skating trail from Toronto without traffic, so you could even make a weekend out of it and spend a night or two in Ottawa, which is just a 25-minute drive from the trail.

But, if you’re looking for a unique skating experience a little closer to home, you can check out the torch-lit skating trail this winter at Arrowhead Provincial Park north of the city.

Without tropical vacation plans on the horizon, this winter is a great opportunity to check out the local attractions within driving distance from the city, like these dreamy getaway resorts that’ll make you forget you’re in Ontario.

There’s not much else to do these days, so why not waste an afternoon gliding on a gorgeous sunlit skate path?


Where: 312 Chem. Taché, Gatineau