The temps have been on a descent. You know what that means, right? It’s time to restock our wardrobes, homes, lives and more. And we have just the place to do it all. Enter: the Gastown shopping guide.

Gastown BIA - Gastown - Fall Shopping Guide
Photo courtesy of Curiocity

Known for all things fun and festive all year long, the old Vancouver hood has you covered no matter your shopping preference. Be it for yourself or your loved ones, cold-weather essentials or indulgent splurges, fashion-forward thrifting or home décor upgrades, Gastown has something for every type of shopper.
And to make it easy for you to navigate, we’ve curated the ultimate Gastown shopping guide for you. From fall-scented candles to cozy sweaters and everything in between, here’s where to shop it all this season—

Gastown BIA - Gastown - Fall Shopping Guide - Inform Interiors
Inform – Photo courtesy of Curiocity

Shopping Home Décor

No matter the temps outside, your home should forever feel warm and cozy. It is for this reason that we all like to upgrade our home décor seasonally. It could be as minimal as adding a new shade to your vase collection. Or as extravagant as swapping out that old couch for a new one. Whatever floats your boat!

Store Picks:
Old Faithful… for earthy tones, raw finishes and organic shapes
Inform… for modern, geometric shapes and bright pops of colour
Kim Prints… for taking your wall décor game to a whole new level

Gastown BIA - Gastown - Fall Shopping Guide - Fable
Fable – Photo courtesy of Curiocity

Shopping Sustainable

If you’re anything like us, well, first of all, you have great taste (kudos to that!). Second of all, you put in a conscious effort to reduce your environmental footprint. This means shopping slow-fashion, thrifting and choosing sustainable brands. And Gastown is made up of stores that make shopping sustainably a piece of cake.

Store Picks:
Fable… for sustainably crafted ceramics, tableware and other home décor items
Kamuy Vintage… for one-of-a-kind clothing collected from around the world
Community Thrift and Vintage… a Gastown staple with plenty fashion-forward choices

Gastown BIA - Gastown - Fall Shopping Guide - Nettles Tale
Nettle’s Tale – Photo courtesy of Curiocity

Shopping Hyper-local

If you’re shopping in Gastown, chances are you are already supporting local businesses. But shopping here takes you a step further, to a place they call Hyper-local. There are several home brands here that design and craft local collections that are straight-up covetable.

Store Picks:
The Block … for slow-fashion and sustainable clothing manufactured locally
Nettle’s Tale… for locally designed and manufactured clothing and swimwear you’ll love to don
The Nooks… for some seriously cool artisan goods by Vancouver makers

Gastown BIA - Gastown - Fall Shopping Guide - JWS
JWS – Photo courtesy of Curiocity

Shopping Women’s Wear

One of our absolute fave parts about the cold weather is the absolutely fab wardrobe that comes along. And for anyone looking to ace their fall (and winter) style game, Gastown stores are the place to be. You can get your hands on all the cool trends of the season— colour-blocked everything, classic trenches, cozy caps and tons more.

Store Picks:
OAK + FORT FLAGSHIP STORE… for timeless pieces and a unique local rotating artist section. You can also find rotating artist selections only in the Gastown location!
One of a Few… for bold prints, fun silhouettes and pieces from emerging designers in the fashion world
jWS… for a quirky-meets-classy collection that’s bound to turn heads


Gastown BIA - Gastown - Fall Shopping Guide -Neighbour
Neighbour – Photo courtesy of Curiocity

Shopping Men’s Wear

The popular notion that women have all the choices while men pick what they get might be true in some places. But Gastown is certainly not “some places.” Men get to have just as much fun with colours and silhouettes as women do. So, if you’re looking for men’s clothing that will keep you warm while also looking cool, you’re in the right place.

Store Picks:
Neighbour… for sprucing your closet with 50 shades of vibrancy, classic subtle to in-your-face rad
Roden Gray… for classic prints and forms, only with super fun twists
Bia Boro… for cool casuals, quirky formals and understated elegance

Shopping Foot Wear

As cliché as it may sound, the fact remains that there is no such thing as “too many shoes.” Plus, getting to wear tall boots is part of the season we love this season. And no, you don’t have to be a shoe-holic to be shopping here. Whether you’re a collector, trend-setter/matcher or a grab-whatever personality, you’ll find something to your liking.

Store Picks:
Rowan Sky… for those who love their fashion, the functional way
Native Shoes… for those who like their classics with a dash of whimsy
Fluevog Flagship Store… for the love of colour and quirk

Gastown BIA - Gastown - Fall Shopping Guide -
Durant Sessions – Photo courtesy of Curiocity

Shopping Eyewear

If you’re going to frame your face, you might as well do it in style. And just like everything else, you have tons of options with eyewear too. Whether it is prescription glasses, statement frames or stylish sunnies, Gastown is the place you’ll find your match.

Store Picks:
Mosh Frameworks… for handmade pieces of colours, cat-eyes, quirks and more
Durant Sessions… for anyone who likes to have fun with the classics

Well folks, that was our Gastown shopping guide. But as anyone who’s visited Gastown before will tell you, there’s plenty more where that came from. You can check out all the amazing stores in the market in the Gastown BIA directory here. And for any other info, check out the BIA website below!