Breakfast or dessert? While the jury continues to deliberate which meal is really the most important of the day, foodies will soon be able to indulge at a new restaurant where the lines between sweet treat and morning pick me up are blurred. This winter, Fuwa Fuwa Calgary will open its doors in Kensington and it might change your AM routine forever.

Serving jiggly, wiggly Soufflé pancakes, Fuwa Fuwa (which means “fluffy fluffy” in Japanese) claims to be the first in Calgary to specialize in the popular snack.

With current locations in Toronto and Mississauga and others coming soon to Edmonton and Shenzhen, China, Fuwa Fuwa’s menu is beloved by many and serves menu items such as creme brulee, blueberry cheese, Tiramasu and cookies and cream flavoured pancakes – just to name a few.

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“Celebrating the cultural diversity of Canada, our products carefully infuse both elements of the East and the West for a tasty, artisanal treat,” they explain on their website. 

“Each pancake is made-to-order with free-run eggs delivered fresh daily to our store. Souffled to perfection and satisfyingly fluffy, we believe happiness is pancakes elevated!”

If you’re interested in checking it out, Fuwa Fuwa will be hosting their grand opening this February – though they have yet to confirm an exact date.

As always, we’ll keep you guys updated on everything delicious, but until then stay hungry, Calgary!


When: February 2022
Where: 1111 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary
Instagram: @fuwafuwa.yyc