Calgary has a lot of records and accomplishments under its belt. Now, not only do we have the coolest summer event, some of the craziest weather in the country and are considered one of the cleanest cities – we also have Western Canada’s fastest elevator.

According to a recent press release, TK Elevator Canada has finally completed installing all 17 conveyors in the newly built Telus Sky Building, the third tallest building in Calgary.

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This might sound like ordinary news until you hear that these bad boys can travel up to 1,600 feet per minute (fpm); only 400 fpm less than that of the World Trade Centre, which currently holds the record for the fastest elevator in the western hemisphere.

“While many people associate tall buildings in Canada with Toronto, there has been a significant increase in high-rise buildings throughout Western Canada,” said Blaine Coupal, President, and CEO of TK Elevator Canada. “Calgary is a very special area for us, and we are truly grateful that our state-of-the-art elevator systems are helping safely transport so many people to heights previously thought unimaginable in the region.”

So there you have it, friends, one more thing you can nervously tell people at parties when we’re able to attend them again. We hope you found this enlightening or at the very least think of us next time you’re moving from floor to floor. Happy sharing!


Where: 619 Centre St S, Calgary,