The stereotype that Canadians are friendlier than their southern counterparts may not ring true for all, but it looks like BC is home to the friendliest hotel in North America. So if you’re looking for a stay that goes above and beyond the typical level of service, consider checking out Whistler’s award-winning Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel.

Travel website analyzed millions of Tripadvisor reviews to come up with its list of the ‘friendliest’ hotels across the globe, according to reviewers.

The top hotels were ranked for their welcoming environments and warm service, according to the report.

For context, the Summit Lodge has a 47.10% satisfaction rate among reviewers, compared to Europe’s friendliest hotel – 3HB Clube Humbria in Olhos de Agua, Portugal – which has 52.11%.

The world’s friendliest hotel is in Kombo Beach Hotel in Kotu, Gambia

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In terms of Summit Lodge, pets stay for free and the service is warm and thoughtful.

“Although the car parking fees are a little less friendly — reviewers suggest finding an alternative lot nearby,“ notes the ranking.

So there you have it, travellers! If you’re in search of a solid hotel to stay in with impeccable service, look no further than Summit Lodge.

Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel

Where: Whistler, BC