A new addition to Seattle’s food scene is always a reason to celebrate, even more so when that addition is purpose-driven. Lazy Cow Bakery in Fremont has opened its doors after years of planning and is serving up plant-based treats as well as acting as a community space. If it sounds cool, it is so let’s get into some details.

Lazy Cow Bakery is owned by Lara de la Rosa who has been serving up her delicious treats at the West Seattle Market. With the new permanent location, customers will be able to find a pastry menu with items like croissants, meringue tarts, flan, and much more. Additionally, customers will be able to order eye-catching hand-decorated cakes for all of their celebration needs.

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That being said, de la Rosa wants to do more than just serve up delicious baked goods. So Lazy Cow Bakery is associated with the social justice organization, La Casa Del Xoloitzcuintle. It’s a “Latinx mutual aid organization that responds to the needs of the community.”

The bakery comes into play here because it has a free community fridge & food pantry and donations are welcome anytime during the bakery’s normal business hours. So you can eat your cake and give it too.

For now, Lazy Cow is offering beautiful Valentine’s Day boxes one for $25 that comes with a slice of red velvet cake topped with a chocolate strawberry and an almond croissant. And another in partnership with Frelard Tamales for $124 that comes with 15 mini tamales, flowers, vegan candles, and a taster box of Lazy Cow’s goodies.

If you’re not in the market for a Valentine’s Day box your best bet is to keep up with Lazy Cow on social media as they’ll be having a grand opening later this month.

Lazy Cow Bakery

Where: 3418 Fremont Ave N