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Here’s where you can get FREE stuff on your birthday in Edmonton

So you’ve taken another lap around the sun. Whether you’re an over-the-top type who expects a Super Sweet 16-level shindig or a low-key celebration, we think that everyone can agree that getting free stuff is pretty cool!

Being born and making it this far has been hard work, so this year (and every year) you deserve a dessert or drink on the house… Not our house of course, but a house.

Not sure where to go? Here are just a few places in Edmonton where you can get FREE stuff on your birthday!


Want a FREE box of chocolate-covered strawberries with a tasty purchase? Sign up for the Melting Pot email list and get a birthday coupon!

Where: 2920 Calgary Trail NW #117, Edmonton


The home of Canada’s hangover breakfast is also the home of the free birthday breakfast! At Denny’s, they’ll give you a free Grandslam Breakkie to celebrate your special day.

Where: Find your nearest location here


Thirsty? Don’t bother reaching for that wallet of yours. On your birthday (as long as you’re a Starbucks member) we encourage you to pop into your nearest green-label location for a free drink in celebration of your birthday.

Where: Find your nearest location here

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Sweet surprises are the best surprise! Subscribe here to Marble Slabs ‘Marble Mail’ and get a ton of fun coupons AND a special birthday gift on your big day!

Where: Find your nearest location here


There’s nothing better than a tasty dessert and 10% off your bill after a tasty BBQ feast! As long as you’re a member of their Grill Lovers Club, B-day diners are entitled to exactly that! Not a member? You can sign up at the link above for free.

Where: Find your nearest location here


Lotions, serums, soaps and scents. The Body Shop has it all and this year, as long as you’re a member of the ‘Love Your Body Club,’ you can get a free gift at the till!

Where: Find your nearest location here


Mocha, fudge and almonds? The Keg’s Billy Miner Pie is stupid good and this year you can get one for free on your birthday!

Fun fact, Billy Miner was Canada’s first train car robber, considered the ‘Robin Hood’ of his time. There – now this list is educational AND tasty!

Where: Find your nearest location here


Free pancakes? The only thing better would be free waffles, but we suppose that would be asking a lot. We’ll take what we can get!

Where: Find your nearest location here


Still have room for more? Sign up for Chatime rewards for a free beverage in celebration of your special – painfully fulfilling – day. See Edmonton’s locations below!

Where: See your nearest location here


Willing to sign up for another rewards program? Become an MYHOP member and get FREE pancakes on your big day!

Where: See your nearest locations here


If you know, then you know! Sephora’s birthday freebies are kind of legendary. All you have to do is become a Beauty Insider, then pop by one of Edmonton’s locations on your special day!

Where: See your nearest location here


Another dessert? Yeah, you’ll be eating like royalty and rightfully so! It is your day after all.

Where: Find your nearest location here


Despite already giving us what are essentially free breadsticks and salad, Olive garden will also give you a free dessert on your birthday as long as you’ve signed up for their newsletter, which you can do here!

Where: 4110 Gateway Blvd. NW


Finally, buy a burger, get some free Frings! This year, check out Harvey’s for a ‘special gift’ and their signature fry/onion ring hybrid item. Sign up here to get your birthday coupon!

Where: Find your nearest location here

Now go out there and treat yourselves to some free birthday swag, Edmonton! You deserve it. Especially after the last year or so. Enjoy!

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