Vancouver’s reputation for being one of the most expensive cities in North America (if not the most expensive) is not doing its music scene any favours. With large events getting cancelled left and right, it can feel like the city is a place where music festivals go to die. Fortunately, local DJ Koji Aiken is testing out for himself whether affordability is the main reason for a lot of the turmoil surrounding the scene. How? By bringing free EDM parties to Vancouver!

The DJ was invited to perform at this year’s FVDED In the Park Festival, which was recently cancelled. Now, he’s started his own community-based initiative called The Uprise Project to “push drum and bass culture through free parties.” We can definitely get on board with that!

“My goal with The Uprise Project is to make drum and bass accessible to the city to see if that’s the only thing holding back Vancouver from having a stronger music scene,” says Aiken in a recent post.

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As for the dates and specifics, the first free event is slated for Friday, April 14th at Levels Nightclub. So mark your calendars and get excited, Vancouver, because this is just the start.

You can stay tuned via The Uprise Project’s socials for the latest scoop, including DJ sets, future dates, & more.

And that’s a wrap on some exciting free parties coming up in Vancouver. We’ll see you there!