Talk about a sweet treat to cap the week! This Friday, Krispy Kreme locations across Canada are giving away free donuts for visitors! Why, you may ask? Well of course, it’s in honour of ‘National Doughnut Day’.

And yes, the setup is just about as simple as you would expect it to be. At participating locations, visitors will be able to treat themselves to a donut, free of charge. Of course, it should be noted that visitors are only entitled to a single donut, and the offer is available in-store only.

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It’s also unclear whether or not it’ll just be the classic donut that’s free, or if you’ll get to try any donut that suits your fancy. Either way, we’re thinking this is well worth the trip, if you happen to live by any of the locations around the country.

It’s pretty hard to say no to free donuts, and especially if they’re from Krispy Kreme. To find the location closest to you, just head on over to the Krispy Kreme website!

And in the meanwhile, we’ll leave you with something to ponder…

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