Winter is in full swing which means it’s time to enjoy some winter dates. While staying in and watching Netflix might feel like the best thing to do, there are plenty of awesome places and experiences to check out around the city. Here are 10 free or cheap date ideas to check out in Seattle this winter.

Head to the Volunteer Park Conservatory

Why not see some beautiful plants and stay warm this winter? The Volunteer Park Conservatory is the perfect place to head for an afternoon of relaxing meandering. You can revel at the indoor plants and then wander outside and see the rest of the amazing things that Volunteer Park has to offer.

Where: 1400 East Galer Street
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10 AM-4 PM
Cost: $6

Visit a museum for free

Believe it or not, you can actually check out select local museums for free. That’s all thanks to a handy dandy pass that you can check out from Seattle Public Library. So plan ahead and get the most out of your library membership by snagging a free pass to a local museum.

Walk the waterfront

If you’ll be downtown you can’t go wrong with walking the waterfront. You can walk through Pike Place Market, pick up some ingredients for dinner and then head down to the piers. Catch a glimpse of the sunset, do some good old people-watching, and enjoy one of the highlights of Seattle.

Stroll through the Olympic Sculpture Park

If you’re into art and want to get outdoors, the Olympic Sculpture Park is a great and free way to do both of those things. And you can spend as much or as little time as you’d like here. There’s tons of art to see and you can even head down to the waterfront.

Where: 2901 Western Ave

Watch the sunset at Kerry Park

Every person who lives in Seattle needs to do this at least once. And you might as well bring your date along for the experience. After all, Kerry Park is one of the city’s best viewpoints and we bet you’ll both love it.

Where: 250 W Highland Dr

Marvel at the views from the Sky View Observatory

Really want to make a memorable date? Head to one of the most unique venues in the Pacific Northwest, the Sky View Observatory. Marvel at the spectacular views of Seattle and beyond, and snap those cute photos!

Where: 700 4th Ave, Floor 73
When:  Thursday- Sunday, 1 PM to 8PM
Cost: $20 for WA residents

Go for a hike

This is possibly the most PNW date you could have but it’s a good one. And beyond paying for gas, there are tons of free hiking trails and parks in the state. If you need ideas you can check our waterfall hike list that we’ve linked or you can start with something easy and fun like Rattlesnake Ridge.

Free 1st Thursday Public Tour

The Washington Park Arboretum hosts free public tours on the first Thursday of each month. So you can take your date and walk through seasonal themes, collections plants, and learn about the history of the organization.

When: First Thursday of the month
Where: The Graham Visitors Center, 2300 Arboretum Drive East

Go on a Sunday Snowshoe Hike

Grab your snowshoes, and plan a little trip to Lake Wenatchee State Park! On Sundays throughout January and February, the state park has ranger guided snowshoe hikes along the Wenatchee River for views across beautiful Lake Wenatchee, how romantic!

Don’t have your own snowshoes? No problem. The park has a limited number of snowshoes for hikers, at no cost.

Where: Lake Wenatchee State Park
When: Sundays in January and February
Cost: Daily Sno-Park Permit $25

Stroll through the Spheres

You can stroll through the Spheres indoor gardens hand in hand with your significant other this winter, but you will need to plan ahead! The Spheres are open to visitors by reservation during the first and third Saturday of each month free of charge. Wondering when to book next? Upcoming dates include:

  • Feb 17, Registration opens Feb 2
  • Mar 2, Registration opens Feb 16
  • Mar 16, Registration opens Mar 1

Where: 2111 7th Avenue
When: 1st & 3rd Saturdays each month
Cost: Free

Enjoy date nights!