Inglewoodans, we come bearing great news! One of YYC’s Alberta’s most popular weed brands is all set to open its 13th store in Calgary and it happens to be in your hood. Lo and behold, FOUR20! The popular cannabis brand has set up shop on 9 Ave SE.

Celebrating their new opening, FOUR20 will be running a swag sale from Feb 3 to Feb 6. So, you can find some seriously insane deals on all the strains you love and the ones you’ve been wanting to try. Now, that’s what we call a grand opening!

via Curiocity

Pretty much like its other 25 stores across Alberta, the Inglewood shop will carry top-of-the-line products for every type and calibre of cannabis enthusiast. Pre-roll? Sure. Dried flower? Of course. Edibles? Absolutely. Concentrates? Hell yes.

via Curiocity

Also, like all other stores, this one comes with its perks- quality products, cool accessories, offers on the regular and a team of experts. Given the reputation the knowledgeable FOUR20 team has earned over so far, it’s needless to say that they can match anyone- veteran or novice- up with the perfect strain.

Our suggestion: squeeze in a trip to Inglewood’s new pot paradise for a lit (literally and figuratively) AF weekend.

In the meantime, check out the FOUR20 website to know more about them and their products or simply to amp up your cannabis know-how.