Starting Feb 17 and going up to Feb 20 you’ll likely see huge crowds gathering on 53rd St in Ponoka. And for good reason too. One of Alberta’s most popular cannabis brands, FOUR20, opens the doors of its new store to the public. And the Albertan Cannabis giant is offering some of the dopest deals of all time to celebrate the grand opening.

Frankly, we aren’t surprised. The brand has over the past few years earned the reputation of being a ‘dope deal’ store with amazing rotating offers. So, a huge opening sale was only to be expected.

This would be FOUR20’s fourth store in the city and 28th in Alberta. As is the case with all their other stores, you can expect the highest quality and exceptional variety of strains here. From pre-rolls and vapes to edibles and concentrate to that of flowers, the store has everything to get your pot game on point.


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Also like other stores, the Ponoka store will have expert staff on hand who can match you up with your preferred strain. Or if you’re feeling particularly experimental, they’ll guide you to the perfect strain.

In addition to their quality products, they also have some cool-ass accessories that we can’t wait to get our hand on.

four20 ponoka
Photos via FOUR20

Guess it’s safe to assume Ponoka is about to experience a new high in life!

While we muster up the patience to wait for this swag sale, here, check out the FOUR20 website to know more about them and their products or simply to amp up your cannabis know-how.