Ready to test the limits of your bravery this spooky season? Then you have to venture over to Fort Henry, where you’ll find yourself in the grip of a real-life nightmare.

It’s that time of year again when darkness takes hold of this historic 18th-century fortress, casting a sinister spell that turns it into a world of terror.

Brace yourself because Fort Fright is back, and it’s promising more spine-tingling scares and haunting scenes than ever before!

This is not your grandma’s haunted house – Fort Fright is a thrill-seeker’s paradise, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

In fact, it was once named one of the top haunted houses in North America, according to this article by the Winnipeg Sun.

This year, Fort Fright is unleashing its dark side with “Dark Nights” – an experience like no other.

On two Thursdays in October (the 19th and 26th), Fort Fright takes its scare factor to the next level.

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They turn off all the lights, and you’re left with just a single flashlight to guide your way. Watch out for monsters ready to scare you around every corner!

But if you’re already shaking in your boots, don’t worry because there’s an option for the timid souls too.

You can arm yourself with a scare amulet for $6, a magical talisman that will keep the Scare Actors away.

You can even turn it off if you summon the courage mid-way!

If you’ve never been to Fort Henry, this National Historic Site is an adventure in itself.

Originally constructed from 1832 to 1837 to replace an older fortification from the War of 1812, it has welcomed millions of locals and visitors from around the world.

With its Fort Fright haunted attraction, Fort Henry is also a must-visit during the Halloween season.

So summon your courage, and get ready to confront your deepest fears at Fort Fright!

Fort Fright

When: Until October 31st, 2023
Where: Fort Henry National Historic Site, 1 Fort Henry Drive, Kingston
Cost: $25+HST per adult