Sure, you might be able to brave some chilly spring weather, but what about a spooky night alongside it? Fort Edmonton Park has announced a springtime instalment of their Paranormal Tours, and we couldn’t be more excited! Or more scared, but we’ll overcome it.

It’s a far cry from a regular day at Fort Edmonton Park, that’s for sure. Over three hours, you’ll explore “the shadows of Edmonton’s River Valley”. And, that tour includes stops at three hotspots and a little education on conducting paranormal investigations.

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Real or not, we have to hand it to them for their commitment. The tours do not use any gimmicks to get a scare out of visitors, aside from hosting the tours at night. So, if you hear something bumping around during the tour, it could very well be a little ghost messing around out there!

The Paranormal Tours kick off at Fort Edmonton Park later this month, and will run for over a full month! If you’re looking to make the most of spring, but with something that’s definitely not associated with the season, then this is perfect.

Paranormal Tours at Fort Edmonton Park

When: March 20th to April 27th
Where: 7000 143 Street NW
Cost: $65 for GA