Who says that salty can’t also be sweet? For the second year in a row, the company Grillo’s Pickles are offering a ‘pickle bouquet’ for you to give that special someone. And while it’s already sold out, don’t get too upset just yet.

Last year, Grillo’s Pickles briefly broke the internet when they announced that their pickle bouquets were available to order. Although, we have to say that compared to this year’s bouquet, that was chump change.

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As we mentioned, the bad news is that these are already sold out. The good news? This kit actually just comes with a coupon for a jar of pickles and DIY instructions to build it yourself. Luckily, they’ve put some of that online so you have some inspiration for making your own at home!

Instead of heading to the flower shop, swing by the farmers market for some radishes and lettuce. Then, find a nice variety of pickles, cut ’em, skewer ’em, and voila! Your very own, homemade, pickle bouquet.

Is there anything more romantic? We don’t think so. Enjoy a very savoury Valentine’s Day with some pickle bouquets, folks!