It looks like the fun might soon be over for these vacationers. Canada’s Minister of Transportation said that an investigation has been launched after a video of a wild party on a Cancun-bound plane surfaced on social media, with people vaping and dancing in the aisles without masks.

“I am aware of the reports of unacceptable behavior on a Sunwing flight,” tweeted Minister Omar Alghabra on Tuesday. “I have asked Transport Canada to investigate the matter. We must take the risks of COVID seriously!”

According to Le Journal de Montréal, the plane was charted by a private club and departed from Montreal on December 30th.

The private club in question appears to be a group called 111 Private Club, which has been posting footage of the Cancun trip on Instagram. One story shared by the page has a caption that reads, “The more you hate, the more we party. Keep talking & join us next time.”

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Over 150 Quebecers were apparently on board, including dozens of influencers and some former contestants on the reality show Occupation Double.

The outlet says that Sunwing decided to cancel the return flight that was to bring the group home today due to the “ongoing investigation” initiated by the airline. The Quebecers will have to find new travel arrangements to return home.

The Toronto Star reports that passengers could face fines of up to $5,000 per offense.

More details will likely come out as the investigation unfolds, so stay tuned.