Have you ever wanted to stay overnight on one of the four corners of the earth? Well, the earth is round, so you’re out of luck. BUT, if the world was flat, Fogo Island Inn would be one of its four corners. Let’s take a look at one of Canada’s most spectacular places to stay.

Fogo Island Inn

This 5-star hotel advertises its location as sitting on “an island off an island”. Fogo Island sits at the tip of the northeast corner of Newfoundland, making it truly one of the most remote hotels on earth.

the shed at fogo island inn

It sports 29 one-of-a-kind rooms and suites and resembles an uber-stylish Bond villain’s lair. At three hundred feet long by 30 feet wide, the building stands like a ship on stilts.

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fogo island inn

Fogo Island itself is a stunning locale, with natural landscapes and wildlife that would thrill even the most avid outdoor explorers. It’s said that Fogo Island experiences 7 different seasons. Wait, sorry…seven different seasons? Well, here is what Fogo Island Inn says about that:

“…our seven seasons consist of warm summers, snowy winters, a spectacular ice season, hopeful spring, June’s trap berth season, bountiful wild berry picking in fall’s berry season and a temperamental late fall.”


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Honestly, we’re pretty accepting to the idea of more seasons. After all, it’s better than 8-month-long winters followed by 4 months of Mother Nature sporadically mixing sun, rain, and wind.

Fogo Island Inn isn’t just cool to look at, as it puts a massive focus on sustainability and respect for its surrounding nature and culture. Heck, they’ve even laid out and economic nutrition chart so you know exactly how your money is being used!

That brings up an important point: money. Staying at Fogo Island Inn is absolutely not cheap. In fact, it’s downright expensive, with the lowest room rate starting at $1975 a night. That being said, this is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime place to stay.

So, if you’ve got a few thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket and are looking for an incredibly unique vacation, Fogo Island Inn might just be your best bet. Keep adventuring, Canada!